[The Indian Students' Department, London.] Two publications: 'Notes and Suggestions for Indian Students for the English Bar' and 'The Cost of Living for Indian Students in Great Britain'.

Indian Students' Department, London [education in Britain on the eve of the First World War]
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Both 'Issued by the Indian Students' Department' [London]. The first with slug dated '2/1914 [February 1914]'; the second with slug dated '7/1914 [July 1914]'.

Two pamphlets, uniform in layout, both stab-stitched. Providing information on educational costs for Indian students (and students generally) in pre-war Britain. No copies of either on OCLC WorldCat. ONE: 'Notes and Suggestions for Indian Students for the English Bar' (February 1914). 17pp, 12mo. Aged and worn, with slight rust staining from paper clip.

[The Indian Students' Association and the 1922 Lytton Committee report.] Folder containing thirteen typewritten documents in answer to criticism in 'Report on the Committee on Indian Students 1921-22', with associated material and copy of the report.

Committee on Indian Students 1921-22 ('The Lytton Committee'); Indian Students' Department, London [Victor Bulwer-Lytton, 2nd Earl of Lytton (1876-1947)]
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Thirteen files by the Indian Students' Department, London, four of them dating from between January and March 1923. The published Lytton Report: London: Printed by His Majesty's Stationery Office for the India Office. 1922. Another item from 1921.

Three items, the first being a file containing the aggrieved 'Answer' of the Indian Students' Department to the criticisms of it within the 1922 report of the Committee on Indian Students ('The Lytton Committee'), comprising thirteen documents, all typewritten, and several with manuscript emendations; the second item being a small collection of related newspaper cuttings, along with the typescript of an article, and a copy of a printed item titled 'Correspondence between the Secretary of State for India and Lord Lytton' (1921), no other copy of the last of which having been located; the third

[National Indian Association and Students' Department, India Office publication.] Handbook of Information for Indian Students relating to University & Professional Studies, etc. in the United Kingdom. [copy of R. M. J. Knaster, Warden]

Committee of the National Indian Association; Student's Department, India Office [R. M. J. Knaster [Roland Marcus Julius Knaster] (b.1890), Warden, 21 Cromwell Road, London]
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['Issued by the Committee of the National Indian Association in conjunction with the Students' Department, India Office.'] London: National Indian Association, 21, Cromwell Road, S.W.7. Seventeenth Edition. 1920.

[12] + 158 + [8]pp, 12mo. In buff printed wraps. Advertisements at front and rear. Aged and worn, but tight and complete. Packed with revealing information under the main headings: Legal Study; Government Service; Agricultural; Forestry; Universities and Colleges; Teachers' Diplomas; Colleges for Women; Medical Study and Diplomas; Accountants; Engineering and Technology; Architecture; Art Schools; Commerce; Languages; Coaches and Private Tutors; Schools; Exemptions. Ownership signature at head of front cover: 'R. M. J. Knaster'. In addition to being listed under 'Educational Advisers.

[Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London.] Six yearly issues of the printed 'Report on the Work of the Indian Students' Department', variously by C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle, from between July 1912 and 31 March 1922.

Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London (C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle) [Office of the High Commissioner for India]
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London: His Majesty's Stationery Office [the last published by the Office of the High Commissioner for India]. Six items: a run of four from July 1912/June 1913 to July 1915/June 1916; with: 1 April 1920/31 March 1921 and 1 April 1921/31 March 1922.

From the papers held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road, London (referred to in the report for 1912/1913 as 'The House in Cromwell Road' and 'The London Bureau' and 'still to a large extent the headquarters of the Student's Department'; and in the report for 1914/1915 as 'Mr. Arnold's Bureau', referring to 'Mr. T. W. Arnold, C.I.E., the Educational Adviser in London'). For the context see F. H. Brown's article 'Indian Students in Great Britain' (with 'Discussion'), Asiatic Review, July 1925, quoting Sir Charles E.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos. H. Wyatt') to the connoisseur and print collector the Rev. Charles Henry Middleton (1828-1915); with manuscript 'resolution'.

Thomas Henry Wyatt (1807-1880), English architect
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19 May 1881; on embossed letterhead of the Art Students' Home, 4 & 5 Brunswick Square, London W.C.

12mo, 2 pp, letter of 8 lines, resolution of 9 lines. Good, on lightly spotted paper with small pin holes to top inner corner. He is appending 'a copy of a resolution agreed to at a Meeting of Committee held this afternoon at No 1 Station St., the Baroness Burdett-Coutts presiding'. The resolution, on the recto of the second leaf of the bifolium, thanks Middleton, 'for services rendered to the Art Student Home, & for the constant interest he has displayed in advancing its welfare'.

The Scholar; Journal of the Arab Students' League.

Munir Atiyah; M. Masud Riza Khan; Samir Thabet; Muhammad K. Ibrahim; Majid Fakhri; Prof. Costi Zuraiq [THE ARAB STUDENTS' LEAGUE]
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92 Eaton Place, London: January, 1949.

Forty pages, octavo. In original cream stapled printed wraps. Good though somewhat worn and dogeared at corners, and with wraps creased, stained and with marks from rusty staples. Six essays: 'This Sorry Scheme of Things' by Atiyah; 'A Personal Communication' by Khan; 'Reflections on Islamic Art' by Thabet; 'Towards An Arab Federation' by Ibrahim; 'Algazel in the 13th Century Scholasticism' by Fakhri; and 'The Meaning of the Calamity (Book Summary)' by Zuraiq. With loose leaf printed subscription form. No record found (COPAC, BLC).

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