[Winifred Peck [Lady Peck; née Knox] (1882-1962), novelist and biographer, sister of Ronald Knox.] Substantial correspondence of more than fifty Autograph Letters Signed to her brother E. V. Knox, intimate leters dealing with family affairs.

Winifred Peck [Winifred Frances Peck, Lady Peck; née Knox] (1882-1962), novelist and biographer, sister of Ronald Knox and E. V. Knox [Edmund George Valpy Knox] (1881-1971)
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None with year, but dating between the 1930s and her death. Most on letterhead of 19 George Square, Edinburgh, with others from London, Dublin and Sussex.

Lady Peck does not have an entry in the Oxford DNB, but the entries of her four brothers and father, supplemented by various biographies, illuminate the contents of this intimate family correspondence of more than fifty letters, in which the eldest sibling, Ethel Knox (1879-1958) features prominently. A total of 187pp, in various formats. Also present is a postcard sent from Ireland (letterhead of the Royal Hibernian Hotel, Dublin). The letters are signed 'W' and 'W F P', and almost all addressed to 'Teddie' (others to 'Evoe', 'E.

[Ethel Marion Knox, sister of Ronald Knox.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Ethel M. Knox') to 'Teddie' [her brother E. V. Knox]

Ethel Marion Knox (1879-1958), eldest of the six children of Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, Bishop of Manchester, sister of Ronald Knox, E. V. Knox, Winifred Peck, Dillwyn Knox and Wilfred Knox
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Both from '18. B. G.', i.e. 18 Beckenham Grove [Shortlands, Bromley, Kent]. One dated 23 April 1950, the other undated.

The writer was the eldest of the six children of Edmund Arbuthnott Knox, Bishop of Manchester, and the only one who did not distinguish herself. See the entries of her father and her four brothers in the Oxford DNB. Both items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Dated 23 April 1950. Signed 'Yr. loving sister | Ethel M. Knox', and addressed to 'Dearest Teddie'. 1p, 16mo. She is returning 'the photograph of the stone proposed for Wildred's grave'. She invites him to visit, explaining that she has 'two P. G's now but normally they are both out for lunch & tea'. TWO: Undated. Signed 'Yr.

[Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman.] Manuscript cross-interrogatories for Achille Fould, French Minister of Finance, witness in the cause Roux versus Wiseman, with ALS from Wiseman's solicitor James Vincent Harding to commissioner Monsignor Francis Searle.

James Vincent Harding, Roman Catholic solicitor and antiquary [Achille Fould (1800-1867), French Minister of Finance; Monsignor Francis Searle; Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman (1802-1865)]
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Cross-interrogatories dated 16 March 1857 by the plaintiff's attorney E. L. Levy of 61 Burton Crescent, London. Harding's letter to Searle from 24 Lincoln's Inn Fields [London], 17 March 1857.

Cross-interrogatories: 5pp., 4to. On two bifoliums of grey paper, stitched one inside the other. In very good condition, lightly-aged.

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