[Printed pamphlet.] Abstract of the Coal Mines Regulation Acts, 1887 to 1896; General Rles and Special Rules [...] Messrs. John Brown & Co.'s (Limited) Aldwarke Main Collieries, Swallowwood Seam, Rotherham. [With 'Bye-Laws'.]

[Messrs. John Brown & Co.'s (Limited) Aldwarke Main Collieries, Swallowwood Seam, Rotherham; Committee for Yorkshire; coal mining; Victorian coal industry]
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No. 046. Jenkinson, Marshall & Co., Stationers, Printers, Paper & Twine Merchants, &c., Surrey Street and Tudor Street, Sheffield. Dated 9 August 1888, and amended in manuscript to 7 February 1902.

The 'Abstract' and 'Bye-Laws' total 45pp., 12mo, attached in one unbound pamphlet. Complete, but aged and dusty: an item that certainly saw duty in its colliery. The 'Abstract' is 41pp., 12mo, paginated 1-40; with a single page headed 'Timbering in Mines. | Special Rules' on a leaf tipped in after p.38. The title-page is headed 'Published under the direction of the Committee for Yorkshire.', and the full title includes: '[...] General Rules and Special Rules to be observed by the Owners, Agents, Managers, Under-Managers, Under-Viewers, Enginewrights, Deputies, and Work-people of Messrs.

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