['McGlennon's Cromlech Series': two printed pamphlets.] 'Irish Songs Old and New' and 'Songs of the Gael'.

[McGlennon's Cromlech Series; Felix McGlennon, Irish publisher in London]
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McGlennon's Cromlech Series, Felix McGlennon Ltd., Printers and Publishers, City Garden Row, City Rd, London, N1. Both undated.
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The two uniform stapled pamphlets, both 32pp., 12mo, in illustrated wraps printed in green, and both printed on newsprint. Both items uncommon, with no copies of either on COPAC. ONE: 'Irish Songs Old and New.' In fair condition, on worn and toned paper, with crease to front cover. Contains the lyrics to 34 songs, from 'Angels Whisper' and 'Ballinamona Oro' to 'Young Kate of Kilcummer'. TWO: 'Songs of the Gael'. In good condition, toned and lightly worn. Contains the lyrics of 28 songs from 'Awake and Lie Dreaming No More' to 'Where is the Slave so Lowly?'