[The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company.] Letter of Attorney, on two skins of vellum, from 'Moncure Robinson Esqr. to Messrs. Thomson Hankey and Co.', appointing them his company's London agents, with his signature and seal in red wax.

[Moncure Robinson (1802-1891), American civil engineer; Elihu Chauncey and Richard Fenn Lardner of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company'; Messrs. Thomson Hankey & Co., London bankers]
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18 April 1837.
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In very good condition, on one side each of two skins of vellum. Robinson's signature and seal in red wax at the foot of the attached skins, and the customary embossed tax stamps on both. Ruled borders in red ink. Docketed on reverse of first skin. The document begins: 'To all to whom these Presents shall come. Moncure Robinson of the City of Philadelphia in the United States of America and now residing in Bond Street in the County of Middlesex in Great Britain Esquire sends Greeting'. The document next discusses 'a Deed Poll or Letter of Attorney under the Common Seal of "The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad company" duly incorporated by that name in the said United States which deed poll or letter of Attorney is also signed by Elihu Chauncey Esquire the President of the said Company and attested by Richard Fenn Lardner their Treasurer and bears date the nineteenth day of November One thousand eight hundred and thirty six'. The document appoints 'Thomson Hankey the elder John Alexander Hankey and Thomson Hankey the younger of Mincing Lane in the City of London Merchants' as the company's agents. The Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company is considered Robinson's greatest achievement. From the Hankey banking archive.