[ From the stock of Henry Grey of Acton?] Collection of 114 genealogical and heraldic items, relating to British families, including manuscript and printed pedigrees, engraved coats of arms (including proofs) and armorial bookplates.

[ Henry Grey of Acton, genealogical bookseller; genealogy; heraldry; heraldic; bookplates ]
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[ Henry Grey, 1 Churchfield Road East, Acton, London? ] Ranging in date from the eighteenth century to the early twentieth century.
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114 items, ranging in size and format. Many are extracted from eighteenth and nineteenth century English and French volumes. In fair condition, with signs of age and wear. Containing a few duplicates. Perhaps indicating provence is the presence, with two other items in a folder titled 'Hunt Family of Ireland', of a TLS to Grey from W. H. Hunt of Selkirk, 25 February 1923, asking him to supply genealogical 'extracts'. Of the present collection, the pedigrees, variously in manuscript, printed and engraved, are 24 in number. They include: Constable of Flamborough (printed, with manuscript additions); Beighton of Wirksworth; Herbert; Pole of Wolverton; Herbert of Chepstow; Chandos of Radborne; Duke of Cavendish; Herbert of Orleton; Morley; Warren; Harburgh of Heslington and Harborough of Campsmount; Arundel; Cantalupe; Earl of Clinton; Croke. The collection also includes a range of engravings of coats of arms of aristocrats and gentlemen, many well printed on thick paper. Those of aristocrats are often accompanied by text in French, and six of them are engravers' proofs with the text inverted. They include: the Marquis of Normanby; Henry Wellesley; Viscount Palmeston; Egerton Lord Grey; the Earl of Darlington; the Duke of Devonshire; Rev. Augustus James Knapton; Edward Allen Dawes; Sir Tonman Mosley; William Ford Hutton; William Cotton; Sir Thomas Watson Wentworth. Also present are 23 proof so engraved armorial bookplates, several of them on India paper, mounted on fine thick paper. They include: Arthur Onslow; William Swaine Chisenhall-Marsh; William Alexander Dobie; William Francis Taylor; Henry Perceval; Reginald Pole; John Egerton; William Ogle Hunt; Edward Fitz-Gerald; Arthur Cuthbert Marsh.