[ Printed periodical. ] The first number of 'The Gardening World'.

[ Brian Wynne, FRHS, publisher of 'The Gardening World', London ]
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'No. I. - 1884.' London: 'Printed by Thomas Harper Meredith, and Published by Brian Wynne, at the Office [ of the Gardening World ], 17, Catherine Street, Covent Garden, in the Parish of St. Paul's, County of Middlesex. Saturday, September 6, 1884.'
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16pp., large 8vo (36 x 26.5 cm). In fair condition, aged and worn, and on rag paper rather than newsprint. Illustrations throughout. Advertisements at front and back. An editorial gives the aims of the paper, and includes the following: 'Who can doubt but that in the United Kingdom there are at the present moment fully one million of adult persons deeply imbued with a love for gardening. [...] Who, twenty years ago, would have believed that over 100,000 readers of gardening papers were possible? [...] We would make gardening the gospel of recreation, and trust The Gardening World may rank amongst the most successful of the evangelists.' Articles include: 'Gloxinias', 'The Orchid Grower's Calendar', 'Winter Cucumbers', 'Floriculture', obituary of the publisher H. G. Bohn, and 'The Amateur's Garden', the last illustrated by 'A Cottage Porch. (From a photograph by Mr. Vernon Heath.)' Runs in a number of institutions, but now scarce.