[C. J. Traviès, Swiss-born French artist and engraver.] Hand-coloured proof of his lithograph 'Club jesuitique'.

C. J. Traviès [Charles Joseph Traviès de Villers] (1804-1859), Swiss-born French artist, lithographer and caricaturist
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[Paris, 1830.] Only the title beneath the engraving; no publication details.
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On one side of a 38 x 24 cm piece of wove paper with watermarked date 1828. In fair condition, lightly worn and creased. The engraving is roughly 21 cm square, and shows three figures gathered around a table, their arms tangled as they reach forward to sign a document. No doubt caricatures of political figures, they are: a priest puckering his lips as he fingers his rosary; a startled looking senior military officer with gold epaulettes, and a bluff white-haired middle-aged gentleman, fashionably-dressed in redingote and yellow waistcoat, right glove in left hand, the lower part of his face buried behind his collar. The table, with green tablecloth also carries a crucifix and a quill pen in an inkpot that looks like the mask of a face. There is an uncoloured copy of the ordinary issue of this print, with the publication details engraved beneath the title, in the Musée Carnavalet in Paris. An unusual and uncommon item.