Signed photograph of the musical hall artiste Charles Coborn, best-known for the songs 'Two Lovely Black Eyes' and 'The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo'.

Charles Coborn [Charles Whitton McCallum] (1852-1945), Anglo-Scottish musical hall star
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Dated by Coborn 28 May 1929. Photo by Laird of Aberdeen.
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Black and white studio photograph, postcard format (13 x 8.5 cm). On leaf removed from autograph album. Good, on shiny photographic paper, with margin making dimensions of image 12 x 8 cm, captioned in bottom right-hand corner 'PHOTO | LAIRD | ABERDEEN'. Showing a kindly-looking Coborn seated in country tweeds, with spectacles in hand and paper on his knees. In addition to a facsimile in the bottom-left, the picture has Coborn's genuine dated signature across his chest: 'Charles Coborn | 28/5/29'.