Autograph Letter Signed ('George Henry Glasse') from the classical scholar Rev. George Henry Glasse [to the editor of the Gentleman's Magazine John Nichols], offering his services 'as corrector of your press for any quantity of Greek'.

Rev. George Henry Glasse (1761-1809), classical scholar, son of Dr Samuel Glasse (1734-1812) [John Nichols (1745-1826), editor of the Gentleman's Magazine; John Milton; James More]
Autograph Letter Signed ('George Henry Glasse')
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7 June 1791; Hanwell Rectory, Middlesex.
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4to, 1 p. 18 lines of text. Clear and complete. Fair, on aged and lightly-stained paper. Neatly laid down on a leaf removed from an album. Lightly marked-up in red pencil by the recipient. After professing respect for Nichols's 'literary character' and his 'valuable miscellany', Glasse offers his services 'as corrector of your press for any quantity of Greek you may incidentally have occasion to publish'. He boasts that, as 'translator of Milton's Samson Agonistes into that language', he is 'not unequal to the task', and makes a disparaging reference to James More's translation into Greek of the opening lines of Paradise Lost, published in the Gentleman's Magazine in May of 1791 (p.471), most of the errors of which are, in his view, 'to be ascribed to the Author, not the publisher'. Ends by praising the efficiency of the 'penny post' and stating that his bookseller is 'Mr. Faulder'. Nichols is not named, but the reference to More makes it clear that he is the recipient.