[MS. notebook of domestic science 'receipts' including medical compiled by 3 generations of a family: 'Miscellaneous Receipts by Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. With volume of 'French Phrases E Cart [sic] 1828'.

Edward Carte; Captain Edward Leigh Carte (1838-1911), RN; Sub.-Lieut. Edward Alexander Leigh Carte (1871-1916), RN
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Notebook of Edward Cart's French phrases, 1828; Notebook of 'Receipts' undated [1830s to 1890s].
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Both items in early nineteenth-century notebooks, each with the original marbled covers. Both in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn bindings. The volume of 'Miscellaneous Receipts' is 12mo, 129 pp. Paginated by the compilers, with a ten-page 'Index' at the rear. The first page is signed by 'Edward Carte', 'Edward Leigh Carte', 'And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. Almost entirely in the hands of Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte, with only one page, following the index, in E. A. Leigh Carte's hand. Not a culinary recipe book, but several entries relating to the making of drinks, and many concerning the growth of plants. Topics include 'To make Cider Flower Wine', 'White Gooseberry Wine', 'Cure for Chilblains', 'Imperial Drink', 'To make Porter', 'Treacle Beer', 'Raspberry Vinegar', 'Chinese way of mending China', 'Operations for subduing vermin fruit trees', 'To take ink spots out of Linen & Mahogany', 'Cure for a Disease which attacks silk Worms called the Jaundice', 'Preservation of Leeches', 'Cleansing of Orchard Trees by Lime', 'To stop bleeding at the Nose', 'To kill Grubs on Union beds', 'To preserve Currants', 'On Celery', 'Culture of Geraniums by Cuttings', 'Universal Stenography', 'To obtain skeletons of small animals'. Of particular interest is 'Useful Medicine for keeping in a Family | Laudnum [sic] | called also tincture of Opium This one of the most useful medicines & may be given in all cases of violent pains which is not attended with inflammation or with obstructions in the bowels - it is also given to allay any violent irritations, & also in violent spasms &c: &c. - The medium dose for an adult is 25 drops & for a child of 2 years old 4 or 5 drops -'. Also includes two pages of diagrams of a tank or sink. Edward Leigh Carte (1838-1911) was born at Barton on Humber in Lincolnshire. He was educated in Hamburg and Antwerp until 1853, when he was sent to Scotland to learn the engineering trade. His first experience of the sea was on a ship belonging to his uncle, Joseph Gee of Hull. In 1861, following Gee's death, Carte entered the Royal Navy as Assistant Engineer. He was promoted to the rank of Engineer in 1868. His son Edward Alexander Leigh Carte died serving on HMS Overton 17 November 1916, and was buried in Salonika Military Cemetery. The volume of 'French Phrases E Cart [sic] 1828' is 12mo, 41 pp. Slight worming to first five leaves, affecting a few words of text. In a neat tight hand. The first page headed 'Miscellaneous Phrases'. Phrases given in English and French, and characteristic of the period. Begins: 'Voulez vous prendre une prise de tabac Will you take a pinch of Snuff. Tres volontier [sic] very willingly Je vais monter en haut I am going up stairs Vous faut-il du Coton Do you want any Cotton. Il fait l'ecole buissoniere He plays truant'. Newspaper cutting concerning the 'Bankruptcy of Harrison, Watson, and Co. Hull' loosely inserted.