[ John James Whitley of Warrington, brewer, and 'Lewis Carroll'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('John J. Whitley.') to J. Cuming Walters, regarding Whitley's father the Vicar of Daresbury and the family of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.

John James Whitley (1868-1942) of Warrington, managing director of brewers Greenall, Whitley & Co. [ Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, 'Lewis Carroll'; J. Cuming Walters (1863-1933) ]
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On letterhead of Hatton Cottage, Warrington. 7 December 1930.

2pp., 12mo. In envelope, with stamp and postmark, addressed to Walters at his London publishers Hodder & Stoughton. In good condition, lightly aged. On reading Walters' 'Romantic Cheshire' he notes that he refers to '"Lewis Carroll" as "whilom Vicar of Daresbury"'. He points out that this is not the case, and that '"Lewis Carroll" was the son of the once Vicar of Daresbury. | My father was Vicar of Daresbury from 1884 to 1896 and I remember the old Vicarage where Mr. Dodgson resided very well. It was demolished about the time my father was appointed Vicar.' The family firm of J. J.

[ Brewing in Kent ] Manuscript volume of early Victorian English [Kentish?] master brewer's dated records & calculations, with brewery unknown but employees named and occasional memoranda.

[Log book of a nineteenth-century English [Kentish?] Master Brewer, 1841 to 1844]
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Entries dated from 8 October 1841 to 14 May 1844.

8vo, 249 pp. In original black leather blind-tooled binding, marbled endpapers. The text clear and complete, apart from a few leaves at the front and end which have faded through damp damage, and one leaf becoming detached and worn at extremities. The damp has also detached the book from the binding, the glue of which has dissolved. The only clue of the location of the brewery is the reference to 'Ramsgate', below. The volume consists almost exclusively of pages of closely-written dated calculations, with pages giving number of barrels of 'Stocks pumped up' and 'left for next brew[in]g'.

[ Bryan Guinness, Lord Moyne. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Bryan') to 'Dear Hubert' [ Wimbledon bookseller J. H. Dingwall ], placing an order and making suggestions.

Bryan Walter Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne [ Lord Moyne ] (1905-1992), poet, novelist and brewing heir [ J. H. Dingwall [ John Hubert Dingwall ] (c.1913-2001), Wimbledon bookseller ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Biddesden House, Andover [ Kent ]. 18 February 1960.

3pp., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with two punch holes for placement in album to margins of each of the three leaves. He congratulates him on his catalogue, states that he is attaching a wants list (not present) and that he is leaving it to the recipient 'to make out the account as I am not good at adding - & also dont know the postage. | The Librarian at the House of Lords showed great interest in your catalogue & is writing to you for one'. He suggests sending a copy to John Hayward, and gives his address.

[ Brewing industry in eighteenth-century Northumberland. ] Draughtsman's drawing, titled 'The Ground Plan of A Brewery Intended at Hexham Bridge End 1777', with front elevations of two maltings.

Donkin, Elstob & Co. of Hexham Bridge End, Northumberland, brewers
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[ Donkin, Elstob & Co., Hexham Bridge End, Northumberland. ] Circa 1777

On one side of a 15 x 39 cm piece of Whatman paper. A fragile survival: aged, worn and stained. Drawn to a scale of two inches to 30 feet. Central ground plan ('The Court 73 feet') showing, with size, 'Malting', 'Ale Tonhouse', 'Bear [sic] Tonhouse', 'Brewhouse', 'Milhouse', 'Hop Room' and 'Office', 'Spirit Cellar', 'Tender Trade'. The ground plan is flanked by two elevations. The first is captioned 'The Front of Malting &c to South 71 Feet', and the second, 'The Front of the Malting in the Court Side &c 47 feet'.

Autograph Letter Signed from George Candy QC to Charles Burton of Bayswater, on liquor licences and the Local Veto Bill, with Secretarial Letter signed by W. H. Le Fevre, President of the Balloon Society of Great Britain, and newspaper cuttings.

George Candy (1841-1899), QC; W. H. Le Fevre, President, The Balloon Society of Great Britain [Charles Burton, Bridge House Hotel, Westbourne Terrace, Bayswater; licencing law; brewing; alcohol]
Autograph Letter Signed from George Candy QC
Publication details: 
Candy letter: 14 March 1893; Harcourt Buildings, Temple. Le Fevre letter: 15 March 1898; on letterhead of Le Fevre & Co., Civil & Mechanical Engineers, St Antholins Chambers, 26 Budge Row, Cannon St, with stamp of Balloon Society of Great Britain.
Autograph Letter Signed from George Candy QC

Items are in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, and mostly laid down on two pieces of card. Candy's letter to Burton (who is not named, but identified from the context): 12mo, 2 pp. Headed 'Private'. He thanks him for 'the very kind and too flattering way in which you refer in to-day's Advertiser to my remarks at the Balloon Society's meeting anent the "Direct Veto Bill".' Claims that his 'services have always been at the disposal of "the trade", Wholesale & Retail.

[MS. notebook of domestic science 'receipts' including medical compiled by 3 generations of a family: 'Miscellaneous Receipts by Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. With volume of 'French Phrases E Cart [sic] 1828'.

Edward Carte; Captain Edward Leigh Carte (1838-1911), RN; Sub.-Lieut. Edward Alexander Leigh Carte (1871-1916), RN
Publication details: 
Notebook of Edward Cart's French phrases, 1828; Notebook of 'Receipts' undated [1830s to 1890s].

Both items in early nineteenth-century notebooks, each with the original marbled covers. Both in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn bindings. The volume of 'Miscellaneous Receipts' is 12mo, 129 pp. Paginated by the compilers, with a ten-page 'Index' at the rear. The first page is signed by 'Edward Carte', 'Edward Leigh Carte', 'And Edward Alexander Leigh Carte'. Almost entirely in the hands of Edward Carte and Edward Leigh Carte, with only one page, following the index, in E. A. Leigh Carte's hand.

Two Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed to [K. W. Luckhurst,] Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir Gilbert Thomas Morgan
Publication details: 
Typed letter: 11 Oct 1938, on letterhead of the Institute of Brewing; autograph letters: 11 Nov 1938 and 19 March 1939, both on letterhead '12, CATHCART ROAD, | REDCLIFFE GARDENS, | LONDON, S. W. 10.'

British research chemist (1872-1940), Mason Professor of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, and author of numerous works. All three items very good; all three docketed and two bearing the Society's stamp. All three signed 'G. T. Morgan'. ITEM ONE (typed letter, one page, quarto, slightly creased, with one pin hole): His 'change of address and the recent crisis have both hindered my reply to your letter'. Would be honoured to be one of the Society's Cantor Lecturers, and suggests as title 'Achievements of British Chemical Industry in the last Twenty-five Years'.

Manuscript bill presented to him by Edward Green, and bearing Green's signature.

Sir Kenrick Clayton
Publication details: 
Dated 7 April 1746; no place.

Clayton (c.1713-1769) was MP for Bletchingley. 1 page, dimensions roughly 6 inches by 7 inches. In poor condition: creased, discoloured and with several closed tears. 12 items - mainly bushells of malt and hops - amounting to £31 12s 3d. Beneath this the receipt in another hand, signed in the same hand as the bill 'Edward Green'. Docketed on reverse: 'Edwd. Greens Bill for Malt'. Typewritten on reverse 'GREEN, Edward, 1747.' and 'CLAYTON MSS.'

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