Autograph Letter Signed and Typed Note from the novelist and biographer Ralph Straus to Mrs. Roscoe [Secretary, Society of Women Journalists], the former discussing the newly-formed Collins Crime Club, 'J. J. Connington' and M. R. K. Burge.

Ralph Straus (1882-1950), Manchester-born writer, educated at Harrow and Pembroke College, Cambridge [Mrs Roscoe; Collins Crime Club; Sir Godfrey Collins; 'J. J. Connington' [Alfred Walter Stewart]]
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Autograph Letter Signed: From Exeter, but on his letterhead, 8E Hyde Park Mansions, NW1 [London]; 14 May 1930. Typed Note: On his letterhead, The Tanyard, Shorne, near Gravesend; 26 August 1945.
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Both items in poor condition, with burn marks and damp damage [fire damaged much of the Society's archive]. Some of the text of the autograph letter has faded, and it may be that the signature to the typed note has washed away. Autograph Letter Signed: 2pp., 4to. He begins by offering to 'oppose anybody' in a debate that Mrs Roscoe is organising (at the Society of Women Journalists). 'But you should bear in mind that the Crime Club is a purely commercial affair - run entirely by Messrs Collins the publishers of 48 Pall Mall - and I gather (very privately) that writers of detective stories & rival publishers are not exactly welcoming its appearance. Perhaps under the circumstances it would not be politic to have anything to do with it. (For your own information Sir Godfrey Collins is its onlie begetter, and I believe that the Headmaster of Eton, Dr Abington, is "reading" for him.)' He suggests two 'good people' whom Mrs Roscoe might invite: J. J. Connington ('Victor Gollancz can put you in touch with him') and M. R. K. Burge ('writes excellent thrillers under the name of Milford Kennedy'). Straus concludes: 'If you should find somebody more violently opposed to thrillers than myself, don't hesitate to let him or her 'open' the opposition & I will speak afterwards - but I am certainly at your disposal'. Typed Note: 1p., 4to. He is 'happy and honoured' to be a guest of her 'Society' on 11 October 1945. 'Is there any particular aspect of fiction or biography you would like me to speak about? Or just an informal ramble about anything that comes into my head? I will do whatever you say.'