Printed label for 'T. Mudie's (late Dillon's) Circulating Library, 39, Cheyne Walk, near Chelsea Church.' Giving terms of subscription and advertising wares.

Thomas Mudie of 39 Cheyne Walk, London bookseller of Scottish extraction, founder of a circulating library and father of the bookseller and circulating librarian Charles Edward Mudie (1818-1890)
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T. Mudie's (late Dillon's) Circulating Library, 39, Cheyne Walk, near Chelsea Church. Undated [circa 1810].
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On 11 x 6.5 cm rectangle of paper, laid down on the pastedown of a 12mo calf front board. Beneath the title: 'This Library is enriched with every work of merit, as soon as published; and comprises such a variety of Travels, Histories, Biography, Novels, Plays, and Literature in general, as cannot fail to graify every Class of Readers. | The Daily Papers taken in.' Following this are the yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly terms for borrowing two and four books. Further text follows, beginning: 'Books read by Non-subscribers charged according to the Size.' and ending 'T. M. has an assortment of the best Writing Papers, Quills, Wax, Wafers, Shop Books, &c. &c. | BOOKS bound in all varieties of binding. | LIBRARIES BOUGHT. | PERFUMERY.' BBTI has Mudie in Cheyne Walk before 1809 and after 1826; his son the more celebrated Charles Edward Mudie was born there in 1818.