Autograph Letter Signed from Lord John Manners [later the 7th Duke of Rutland] to the autograph hunter John T. Baron of Blackburn, discussing the publication by Rivingtons of London of two early books of his poetry.

Lord John Manners [John James Robert Manners, 7th Duke of Rutland] (1818-1906), Conservative politician [John T. Baron of Blackburn, autograph hunter]
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St. Mary's Tower, Birnam. 18 August 1882.
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2pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In worn envelope, with stamp and postmark, addressed by Manners to 'John Baron Esq | 48 Griffin Street | Witton | Blackburn.' Regarding his books 'England's Trust and Other Poems' (1841) and 'English Ballads and Other Poems (1850), Manners begins the letter by apologising for not being able to give 'very definite information respecting my two little volumes of poetry. | Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, were the publishers, and they would no doubt be able to let you know whether they are out of print, or are still to be had.' If he was 'the possessor of several copies' he would offer Baron one, 'but such is not the case'. He ends in appreciation of 'the kind and friendly spirit' of Baron's letter.