[Eden Philpotts] Two Autograph Postcards signed "E.P." to Lewis Wynne, Welsh poet.

Eden Philpotts (1862-1960), English novelist, author of many works about Dartmoor and his native Devon [Helen Allingham]
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Torquay, 9 and 19 Feb. 1929.
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Postcards, c.11 x 9cm, some smudging but mainly good condition, text clear and complete. Postcard One: "Dear Mr Wynne, | Very best thanks for your valued gift: a fine & distinguished poem."; Postcard 2: "[...] | The books can be got separately & there are cheap editions of those two books any bookseller can secure for you for 2/- & 2/6 each. | I'm afraid London has had enough of my plays. My daughter's paly is not about [?] folk." Two items,