[Printed offprint from Punch.] The ill-used Homoeopathists.

[Victorian homoeopathy; homoeopathic; Punch, or the London Charivari]
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Without place or date. [From 'Punch's Almanack', London, 1859.]
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1p.,12mo. Fifty-three lines of small type. Good, on lightly-aged and ruckled paper, with traces of mount on blank reverse. The item begins: 'MR. PUNCH is accustomed to receive letter and treaties, imploring him not to call homoeopathy fudge, and some of them attempting to assign reasons why he should not. In all these communications, the medical opponents of homoepathy are called "allopathists."' Later on the author comments: 'PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY is perhaps an allopathist; however he does not tell us on what principle his pills and ointments cure all diseases. The various doctors who advertise their patent medicines in the quack's corners of the newspapers of the baser sort, may be allopathists also; and likewise the medical profession possibly contains a few fools or impostors who are so desirable.' The last paragraph reads: 'Mr. Punch's homoeopathic friends seem to forget that statements of facts which are contradictory to common sense and received science, require rigid proof. None of them propose any method by which the active properties of an infinitesimal globule can be demonstrated. Neither homoeopathists, nor mesmerists, nor spiritualists, either offer or accept the test of any experimentum crucis; and when Mr. Punch asks for it, they answer by abuse, and the comparison of themselves to GALILEO, and those who laugh at them to the Inquisition.' From the papers of F. A. Bulley of the Royal Berkshire Hospital.