[Printed offprint from Punch.] The ill-used Homoeopathists.

[Victorian homoeopathy; homoeopathic; Punch, or the London Charivari]
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Without place or date. [From 'Punch's Almanack', London, 1859.]

1p.,12mo. Fifty-three lines of small type. Good, on lightly-aged and ruckled paper, with traces of mount on blank reverse. The item begins: 'MR. PUNCH is accustomed to receive letter and treaties, imploring him not to call homoeopathy fudge, and some of them attempting to assign reasons why he should not. In all these communications, the medical opponents of homoepathy are called "allopathists."' Later on the author comments: 'PROFESSOR HOLLOWAY is perhaps an allopathist; however he does not tell us on what principle his pills and ointments cure all diseases.

Autograph Letter Signed from Polish refugee Dr Severin Wielobycki to an unnamed lady, enclosing a printed report of his brother Dionysius Wielobycki 's trial in Edinburgh for forging the will of Margaret Darling, headed 'Dr Wielobycki's Trial'.

Severin Wielobycki (1793-1893) and his brother, Dionysius Wielobycki (1813-1882), Polish refugees who both trained as doctors in Edinburgh, before becoming homoeopaths [Isabella Darling]
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Letter: 55 Queen Street, Edinburgh. 26 January 1857. Newspaper report reprinted 'From the EDINBURGH NEWS of Saturday, Jan. 10, 1857.'

Both items in fair condition, lightly-aged and worn. Severin Wielobycki's letter is 1p., 12mo. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. It reads: 'Dear Madam. | I am much delighted that you take interest in my brother; all friends of his are of the same opinion tat he has been treated very unjustly. I hope your influence will if not relieve him, at any rate shorten his horrible sentence. | I beg to enclose two copies of the document according to your request' (only one copy present). The report of 'Dr Wielobycki's Trial' is 1p., 4to, on grey paper, in two columns of small print.

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