[The Legislative Council of Jamaica, 1855.] Packet of six manuscript documents regarding the rejection by the Council of 49 chairs ordered from Druce & Co. of London, damaged in transit from England.

William R. Myers, Secretary, Executive Committee, Legislative Council of Jamaica [Thomson Hankey & Co, merchant bankers, London; Thomas Charles Druce; Druce & Co., upholsterers, Baker St, London]
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Items from the Executive Committee Office, Jamaica, and from Spanish Town, Jamaica, West Indies. All dating from 1855.
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Packet of six items, held together with a pin. Totalling 8pp., folio; 3pp., 8vo. In good overall condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed from 'Wm: R: Myers | Secy' to Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co, London. Executive Committee Office; 26 December 1855. 2pp., folio. Giving details of five documents which he is forwarding, 'on the Chairs received from Messrs. Druce & Co'. He writes that he is 'directed to communicate through you, that the Chairs are not accepted and will not be paid for, but will be kept on the account and risk of Messrs. Druce & Co.', who have 'expressly treated you as agents'. He continues: 'I am also to inform you of the receipt with most perfect order of the Lamps, Shades, and all appliances - not one of the glasses or shades is broken or cracked, or injured - which, especially with reference to the condition of the Chairs shipped by the same vessel, is very remarkable - and shews the advantage of good packing and the consequences of bad - in strong contrast. The circumstance will be viewed as one of much force and effect, in the matter with Messrs. Druce & Co.' Covering sheet by Thomson Hankey & Co., reading: '44 | 26th Decr. 1855 | Exect. Committee | Rec'd 17 Jany /56'. From the archive of Thomson Hankey & Co, London. Druce & Co. had been founded by Thomas Charles Druce (now remembered for the Druce/Portland affair) a few years before. The business flourished until its extensive premises (known as 'the Baker Street Baazar') were bombed out during the Second world War.