[ Poul Anderson, 'Golden Age' science fiction author. ] Typed Letter Signed (' Poul') to 'Don' [ Scottish science fiction expert Donald Malcolm ], discussing Malcolm's plans for a checklist of his work, his family background, and Scotland.

Poul Anderson (1926-2001), American 'Golden Age' science fiction author [ Don Malcolm ]
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3 Las Palomas, Orinda, California. 30 June 1964.
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34 lines of typed text on air mail letter on blue paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed to Malcom at Paisley, Renfrewshire. The letter discusses the fact that he has been 'rushed to death', his gratitude at Malcolm's letter ('Sometimes a writer gets a feeling that he's all alone in a vacuum with nobody listening to what he says.'), Malcolm's 'project of a checklist' ('Unfortunately, there is so much material - both in and out of the science fiction field - scattered in so many places, that I myself lack copies of some things and don't even know what's become of others.'), his family background (Scandinavian, without 'Scottish connections'), and Scotland ('Never got any further north in the island than Edinburgh. (Ah, there was an evening! Anyone who thinks the Scots are a dour race should have been along with us!)'). Concludes in the hope that he and his wife Karen 'will make it to London in 1965'. Malcolm's plans for a checklist do not appear to have materialised.