[ Charles Partington, Manchester sci-fi author, magazine editor and bookshop owner. ] Two Typed Letters (one signed 'Charles') to Don Malcolm, one reviewing Malcolm's story 'Between the Tides', the other on a short story of his Savoy Books are taking

Charles Partington, Manchester science-fiction [ Michael Butterworth, Dave B and Savoy Books; Don Malcolm ]
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ONE: 56 Staffin Court, Darn Hill, Heywood, near Manchester. 12 January 1975. TWO: On his letterhead, 274 Longridge, Knutsford, Cheshire. 7 April 1978.
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ONE (12 January 1975): 1p., 4to. In good condition. First page of letter only, and lacking signature. A generally positive review ('When I write, I suffer from excess, a disease which you and your contemporaries, Aldis, Brunner, Bulmer, etc long since cured yourselves of. [...] The story was, as I am sure you know, good.'), but with some caveats ('I also don't think that a female covered with body hairs would also have hair reaching down to her waist.'). TWO: 1p., 8vo. Signed in green ink. In fair condition, on aged paper with wear at head. Partington begins the letter with a long expression of concern over the illness of Malcolm's wife Rita, and its effect on his family. The letter continues with news of Partington's short story 'Arcturan Reprise', which has been accepted by David Britton of Savoy Books on the recommendation of M. John Harrison. ('Dave had read it and enjoyed it, but we both agreed that our close friendship might get in the way of an honest appraisal.') He is well advanced with 'a sword and sorcery novel which Les has asked to see when I get it finished', but he is finding that the 'stock car programmes, which you'll have seen by now, are really taking up too much of my time. [...] Lynda is obviously delighted with the bread that's flooding in, but is anything worth a curtailment in one's writing?'