[ A. J. Webbe, England cricketer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A J Webbe.') to 'My dear Crawfurd' [ the Irish cricketer John Crawfurd ], regarding rain at Lord's, an exciting match, and 'all the trouble' Crawfurd has had.

A. J. Webbe [ Alexander Josiah Webbe ] (1855-1941), English test cricketer and Middlesex captain [ John Crawfurd [ John William Frederick Arthur Crawfurd ] (1878-1939), Irish cricketer ]
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On letterhead of 35 Eaton Square, S.W. [ London ] 16 July 1909.
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2pp., 16mo. In good condition. He is 'due at Woolwich the moment the rain stops as we have a day's match there today & tomorrow, but I don't suppose that you will be at Lords the ground must be under water.' He 'couldn't come out of the boys' room on Friday, the cricket was too exciting for words & it was cruel that we could not win'. He has 'never seen the ground in worse state than on Saturday last.' He ends by apologising for 'not having written to give you our deepest sympathy on all the trouble you have had this year.' Although the recipient would appear to be John Crawfurd rather than his contemporary the great Jack Crawford, the fact that Crawford's team Surrey played Middlesex at Lords on 19 and 20 July 1909 may suggest that Crawford is the recipient, and that Webbe misspelt his name (although Crawford did not take part in the match).?>