[ James Elmes, architect. ] Autograph Letter Signed to publisher Charles Ollier, requesting clarification on the question of the parcel of 'Mr Cooke'.

James Elmes (1782-1862), architect, civil engineer and author [ Charles Ollier (1788-1859), publisher ]
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2 Childs Place, Temple [ London ]. 18 July 1827.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by explaining that he has been 'too much engaged' since last writing to Ollier 'to come so far westward', or he would not intrude on his time. He asks him to return 'the letter of Mr Cooke, that I enclosed to you, under cover and a line just to say, whether there were two parcels, as he mentions, or only the one, that I took, as he desires great care and a return of them'. Ollier's silence on the question, after having promised to answer, strikes him as out of character, as he praises him for having often, 'during the number of years that I have known you, experienced your friendly attentions'. In a postscript he asks for a quick reply, as he expects 'to go out of town, with Mrs E & my family in a few days'. Loosely inserted is the address, cut from the envelope: 'Chars. Ollier Esqre | H Colburn Esqre | 8 New Burlington St. | Private'.