[ Sir Patrick Abercrombie, town planner. ] Six Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Letter Signed to W. Perry and G. K. Menzies of the Royal Society of Arts, concerning various talks given by him there.

Sir Patrick Abercrombie [ Sir Leslie Patrick Abercrombie ] (1879-1957), town planner and architect [ Department of Civic Design, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool; Royal Society of Arts]
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Autograph letter on letterhead of 18 Village Road, Oxton, Birkenhead; five on letterheads of Department of Civic Design, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool; one on his Abercrombie Square letterhead. 1930 (3), 1931 (2) and 1934 (2).
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Each letter 1p., 4to. The collection in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Two items with the Society's stamp. The first three items from 1930, relate to the appointment of a chairman for a 'meeting in March' by Abercrombie at the Society. On 28 November he suggests the Bishop of Chichester, 'who as Dean of Canterbury worked in very close co-operation with me, or Lady Milner'. He next (11 December) suggests 'Lord Cornwallis of the Kent County Council, who is also a member of the East Kent Committee'. He is pleased (16 December) when Cornwallis agrees, writing: 'He has taken a great interest in the work in Kent from its very beginning and it is of the more importance to have him as he represents the wider outlook of the whole county of Kent.' Two letters from 1931 relate to another talk and the typescript of a paper from it to be printed in the Society's journal. On 16 March Anbercrombie enquires: 'I have been asked by a friend who is coming whether it is usual to wear full evening dress on these occasions. My own idea is that that would be desirable for the lecturer but dinner jacket and black tie would be quite suitable for the audience.' On 1 March 1934 he asks to 'see someone and select slides both from the West Wycombe and the late Sir Frank Baines' collection', anticipating that he will 'get something extremely useful for my lecture'. For information on Anbercrombie, see his entry in the Oxford DNB.