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[ Sir Patrick Abercrombie, town planner. ] Six Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Letter Signed to W. Perry and G. K. Menzies of the Royal Society of Arts, concerning various talks given by him there.

Sir Patrick Abercrombie [ Sir Leslie Patrick Abercrombie ] (1879-1957), town planner and architect [ Department of Civic Design, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool; Royal Society of Arts]
Publication details: 
Autograph letter on letterhead of 18 Village Road, Oxton, Birkenhead; five on letterheads of Department of Civic Design, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool; one on his Abercrombie Square letterhead. 1930 (3), 1931 (2) and 1934 (2).

Each letter 1p., 4to. The collection in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Two items with the Society's stamp. The first three items from 1930, relate to the appointment of a chairman for a 'meeting in March' by Abercrombie at the Society. On 28 November he suggests the Bishop of Chichester, 'who as Dean of Canterbury worked in very close co-operation with me, or Lady Milner'. He next (11 December) suggests 'Lord Cornwallis of the Kent County Council, who is also a member of the East Kent Committee'.

[ C. R. Enock, sociologist, economist and traveller in South America. ] 22 Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Henry Trueman Wood and G. K. Menzies of Royal Society of Arts, with printed handbill on 'The Necessity for a Constructive Social Science'.

C. R. Enock [ Charles Reginald Enock ] (1868-1970), sociologist and economist [ Sir Henry Trueman Wood; Royal Society of Arts; Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner ]
Publication details: 
Fourteen letters on letterhead of Valley Croft, Northwood, Middlesex; four on letterhead of Valley Croft, Northwood, Middlesex. 1913 (6), 1914 (10), 1916 (2), 1918 (1), 1925 (2) and 1926 (1).

The letters total 26pp., 12mo. The collection in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. One letter from 1914 on letterhead of the Royal Geographical Society, London. The first signed 'C. Reginald Enock | (CE : F.R.G.S)', the others signed 'C. R. Enock'. The present correspondence attests to the breadth of vision of a powerful and imaginative thinker, whose futuristic schemes for the 'scientific “re-colonisation of England”' melding imperialism and modernity drew in the involvement of Lord Milner.

[ Sir William Robieson, editor of the Glasgow Herald. ] Typed Letter Signed ('William Robieson') to G. P. Griggs, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, giving permission to reprint a letter in the Society's journal. With carbon copy of Grigg's letter.

Sir William Robieson (1890-1977), editor of the Glasgow Herald [ G. P. Griggs, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, London ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Glasgow Herald, Glasgow. 17 February 1950.

1p., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. With manuscript note of receipt. Robieson grants permission to reprint, adding 'There is no need for me specially to obtain the writer's permission, he will I am sure be only too glad to see his letter get extra publicity.' The carbon of Griggs's letter is stapled to Robieson's. It is dated 16 February 1950, explains that the letter, from 'County Planning Officer', published on 7 February, 'referred to a paper recently read to this Society on "Are Town Planners Planning Too Far Ahead?"'

[British civil defence, 1950.] Autograph Notebook, with 'G. Reeves Atom' on cover, containing notes made at civil defence meetings (Home Office, Army or Fire Brigade?) in preparation for nuclear and biological warfare.

G. Reeves [Home Secretary Planning Committee, Regional Office, Div, S/DO; Fire Services; British 1950s civil defence; nuclear war; atom bomb; biological warfare; atomic warfare]
Publication details: 
[London.] Notes made at meetings between 30 March to 25 June 1951.

37pp., 12mo (including two irrelevant pages at the rear), of pencil notes, with some diagrams. In a spiral-bound 'No. 430 Reporter's Note Book' by Brown Knight & Truscott, Ltd, London. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. On cover: 'G. Reeves Atom'. The notes were made at meetings or lectures held at roughly fortnightly intervals. (The last page records 'No meetings' on 9 and 23 June.) Topics include: 'Types of Shelter', 'Refuge Room', 'Long range rocket', 'Antipersonnel Bomb' ('When a bomb is found a red flag in a stick is to be placed 3 paces to the North so that B[omb].

[Printed item.] London County Council. Report by G. Topham Forrest, F.R.I.B.A., F.R.S.E., F.G.S., The Architect to the Council, on The Construction and Control of Buildings and the Development of Urban Areas in the United States of America.

G. Topham Forrest, F.R.I.B.A., F.R.S.E., F.G.S., The Architect to the Council [London County Council]
Publication details: 
Printed in accordance with an order of the General Purpose Committee, dated 16th February, 1925. The County Hall, Westminster Bridge, S.E.1. May, 1925. Published by the London County Council. [P. S. King & Son, Limited.]

109pp., 4to. With frontispiece ('LCC: Ossulston Street Area, Saint Pancras') and 35 plates ('Drawings'), including five fold-outs, two of which are coloured maps of parts of London (one begin 'Suggestion for Re-development of part of Chelsea'). Also included are two maps of the Brady Street Area of Bethnal Green. In fair condition, on aged paper, in worn and aged wraps. Stamps and label of the Board of Education Reference Library.

[Offprint.] An Experiment in Practical Civics. (Revised and Reprinted, with kind permission, from "The Journal of Education" of February, 1917).

E. M. White [Ebe Minerva White (b.1875); Civic and Moral Education League]
Publication details: 
London: Watts & Co., 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, EC. 1917.

8pp., 8vo. Stitched pamphlet. With stamp, label and shelfmark of the Board of Education Reference Library. Uncommon: copies found at the British Library and LSE, the latter under the imprint of the Civic and Moral Education League.

[Pamphlet; Preservation of Rural England] Report of the Trunk Roads Joint Committee

[Council for the Preservation of Rural England and The Roads Beautifying Association]
Publication details: 
Published by Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Printed by The Garden City Press Ltd, at Letchworth, Hertfordshire. [1937]

36pp., 8vo, with photos and a folding "Diagram of the Dover Glasgow Road", green printed illustrated paper wraps, slight damage ot spine, condition mainly good. Initial sof previous owner on front cover. Three copies on COPAC (Nottingham, Kew, Brimighma, NOT BL).

Duplicated typewritten report titled 'The Magdalen Street Project', describing an influential experiment in 'civic design', carried out by the Civic Trust in conjunction with Norwich City Council.

[Magdalen Street Project; Norwich City Council; Norfolk; The Civic Trust, London; Sir Misha Black (1910-1977), Russian-born British architect, founder of the Artists' International Association]
Publication details: 
The Civic Trust, 79 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1. [1959]

[1] + 7pp., foolscap 8vo. On eight leaves, stapled together in one corner. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight rust marking to title leaf. The title leaf reads: 'THE MAGDALEN STREET | PROJECT | Further information obtainable from: | THE CIVIC TRUST | 79 BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD | LONDON S.W.1. | TATe Gallery 0891'. The background to the experiment is explained in the first two paragraphs: 'This is the story of an experiment in civic design. It is also a story of civic co-operation in which self-help was seen to be synonymous with public spirit.

File of 78 documents from the papers of the jurist and Labour politician Professor R. S. T. Chorley [later Lord Chorley], relating to his campaign against the building of a 'road house' at the Old Brewery Stables, Great Stanmore.

Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley (1895-1978), 1st Baron Chorley [Lord Chorley], legal scholar and Labour politician [The Old Brewery Stables, Great Stanmore; Hendon Rural District Council]
Publication details: 
London. 1932 and 1933.

As Chorley is described in his entry in the Oxford DNB as a 'conservationist' with a 'deep attachment to and lifelong concern for the English countryside', it is a surprise that no mention is made of the matter to which this collection relates, which created some public interest at the time and involved a landmark legal action. The first item in this collection - a copy of typed letter from Chorley to the Clerk to the Hendon Rural District Council on 24 October 1932 - sets the scene neatly.

The Garden Cities and Town Planning Association. Programme of the First Cinematograph Exhibition of Housing Schemes.

[The Garden Cities and Town Planning Association; Cecil Harmsworth; Harold Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere; the Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square; cinematography]
Publication details: 
Alhambra Theatre, Leicester Square (By kind permission of Sir Oswald Stoll) Thursday, May 22nd [1919], at 3 p.m.'

Manuscript note by Harold Sidney Harmsworth (later Viscount Rothermere) at head of first page: 'When Em [pet name for Cecil Harmsworth] had a long talk with the Prince of Wales - I being detained in the H of Commons | [signed] H'. 8vo, 8 pp. Stapled pamphlet. Good, on lightly-aged paper with slight rust to staples. Fair, on aged and lightly-creased paper. On pp. 4 and 5 brief details are given of the subjects of the eight films shown: 'Port Sunlight', 'Bournville', 'A Bit of Thameside', 'Letchworth', 'Hampstead Garden Suburb', 'Well Hall', 'Gretna' and 'War Seal Homes'.

Seven titles including 'Third Annual Report of the Puerto Rico Planning, Urbanizing and Zoning Board' (in Spanish); Ludlow's 'La Zonificacion en Puerto Rico'; and 'memorias suplementarias' for the municipalities of Cataño, Vieques and San Juan.

William H. Ludlow; Junta de Planificación, Urbanización y Zonificación de Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico Planning, Urbanizing and Zoning Board [regional planning; Latin America]
Publication details: 
Titles published in 1945, 1946, 1947 and 1948 by the 'Junta de Planificación, Urbanización y Zonificación de Puerto Rico' (Government of Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Planning, Urbanizing and Zoning Board).

The seven items are all 8vo, and bound together in a contemporary dark green calf half-binding with 'JUNTA DE PLANIFICACION DE PUERTO RICO' in gilt on spine. Very good and tight, on aged paper with a little light foxing. Binding with wear to hinges and outer edges. Containing four fold-out maps and one fold-out table. ONE: Titled in English 'Government of Puerto Rico. Third Annual Report of the Puerto Rico Planning, Urbanizing and Zoning Board Submitted to the Governor of Puerto Rico. Fiscal Year 1944-45'. Pp: vi + 58 + 3 fold-out 'appendixes' (two maps and a table). Text in Spanish.

Typed Note Signed to the Royal Society of Arts.

Guy Morgan
Publication details: 
10 May 1966; on letterhead '12A, EATON SQUARE, | LONDON, S.W.1'.

Architect, town planner and foxhunter (born 1902). One page, quarto. Very good, with staple holes to top left-hand corner. Docketed in pencil. He has 'just returned from a trip in Egypt, conducted by Leonard Cotterell'. 'It occurred to me that it would be a good idea for him to give a lecture at the Royal Society'.

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