File of 78 documents from the papers of the jurist and Labour politician Professor R. S. T. Chorley [later Lord Chorley], relating to his campaign against the building of a 'road house' at the Old Brewery Stables, Great Stanmore.

Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley (1895-1978), 1st Baron Chorley [Lord Chorley], legal scholar and Labour politician [The Old Brewery Stables, Great Stanmore; Hendon Rural District Council]
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London. 1932 and 1933.

As Chorley is described in his entry in the Oxford DNB as a 'conservationist' with a 'deep attachment to and lifelong concern for the English countryside', it is a surprise that no mention is made of the matter to which this collection relates, which created some public interest at the time and involved a landmark legal action. The first item in this collection - a copy of typed letter from Chorley to the Clerk to the Hendon Rural District Council on 24 October 1932 - sets the scene neatly.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Gordon Stables | MD - R.N.', from William Gordon Stables, Royal Navy surgeon and writer of boys' adventure books, regarding the postponement of a 'lecture on Caravan Life' due to his heavy workload.

William Gordon Stables (1840-1910), Scottish Royal Navy surgeon and writer of boys' adventure books
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On letterhead of The Jungle, Twyford, Berkshire. 10 December 1894.

4pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with the second leaf neatly placed in a paper windowpane mount. He writes that he has been 'excessively busy', and this has delayed his 'coming to a decision re the lecture'. 'Since the 4th Oct. I have written two large books, besides any amount of magazine work &c.' As he has '4 books to write before May', he is afraid his 'lecture on Caravan Life will have to be deferred till another season'. He has been asked to 'lecture on Kindness to Dogs, &c with living specimens on the stage at Birmingham', and fears that 'even this will have to be put off'.

Autograph Signature ('W Gordon-Stables | MD - RN').

William Gordon Stables (1840-1910), Scottish Royal Navy physician and writer of adventure stories
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Date and place not stated.

On a piece of paper roughly 7 x 10 cm. Laid down on a piece of card. Fair, rucked and grubby, with traces of previous mount adhering to the reverse. Presmuably in response to a request for an autograph. Reads: 'I wish thee well | [signed] W Gordon-Stables | MD - RN'.

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