[ John Disney, archaeologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr. P. Duncan of New Coll:',

John Disney (1779-1857), archaeologist [ Philip Bury Duncan (1772-1863) of New College, Oxford, Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum ]
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The Hyde. 27 March 1828.
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2pp., 4to. He begins by reminding Duncan that he recently wrote to him, 'in reply to your letter on the subject of your book respecting Portugal'. That letter was directed to Oxford, but as Disney has not heard from Duncan since, he wonders whether it might have miscarried. He is now writing to remind Duncan of his 'kind expressions in my behalf as a candidate on the list at the Athenaeum'. He has been on 'those lists since 1825', and would be 'exceedingly obliged' by Duncan's 'vote and exertions in my favour, which I am told will be necessary, as the system of exclusion has found it's [sic] way even there.' In his previous letter he said that his neighbour 'Mr Walmsley' was at Duncan's service, 'and begged you would add them [sic] to your list'. He urges Duncan to contact him, adding: 'You must have many members of the club in Oxford. I see Buckland is one - do exhort him to help me.' In a postscript he asks to be remembered 'kindly to the Warden of Wadham', i.e. William Tornay.