[ Thomas Burnham, Northampton bookseller of the Georgian period. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos. Burnham'), regarding an 'ingenious Catalogue', 'Stewarts Athens' and 'Mr. Hayes's Account'.

Thomas Burnham (fl. 1790-1819), Northampton bookseller [ Burnham & Birdsall ]
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Northampton. 18 January 1809.
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1p., 8vo. In fair condition, on aged paper with small spike hole at head. He thanks the unnamed recipient for his 'obliging letter' and 'ingenious Catalogue', and 'would have acknowledged the receipt sooner' had he not been waiting for 'an opportunity of conveying the same free of expence'. The recipient is 'welcome' to the copy of 'Stewarts Athens' at his 'own price' of two guineas. Burnham has 'adjusted Mr. Hayes's Account with the balance of onepound [sic] ffifteenshillings [sic]', and begs 'to thank that Gentleman for the same'. The British Library has a copy of Thomas Burnham's trade card, engraved by Bartolozzi from Stothard, dating from 1790. BBTI notes Burnham in partnership with William Birdsall in Northampton in 1805, but this would appear to be a mistake. The latest COPAC entry for 'T. Burnham' in Northampton is 1819.