[ Dr. Williams's Library, London. ] Printed Circular concerning the 'general Register of Births of Dissenters' Children', comprising a letter from John Webster, Secretary, and two notices.

Committee of Deputies, appointed to protect the Civil Rights of the Three Denominations of Protestant Dissenters (John Webster, Secretary) [ Dr. Williams's Library, London; Dissenters; Unitarians]
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Webster's letter from Queen-street, Cheapside, London, 11 December 1808 [ amended in manuscript from 13 June 1806 ]. Printed by C. and W. Galabin, Ingram Court, London.
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2pp., folio. On a bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper repaired with archival tape. The printer's slug is at the foot of both pages of text. At the head of the recto of the first leaf is Webster's printed letter, reading: 'Reverend Sir, | I am directed by the Committee of Deputies to send you the enclosed Notices. The first of which you will please to fix up in your Vestry or conspicuous Part of your Place, and read the latter annually from the Pulpit for the Information of your Congregation.' Beneath this is the 'latter' notice, headed: 'The Ministers are requested to read the following Notice annually from the Pulpit.' The notice concerns the 'highly advantageous' 'Register of Births, at Dr WILLIAMS'S LIBRARY, in Red-Cross-Street, near Cripplegate, London', established in 1742 by 'the several Congregations of Protestant Dissenters in and near London (who are annually elected to protect their Civil Rights,)'. The 'Expense of Registering' has been amended in pencil from 6d to 1s. The second page takes up the whole of the recto of the second leaf, and is headed: 'The Deputies of the several Congregations of Protestant Dissenters, in and near London, finding that a general Register of Births of Dissenters' Children was much wanted, and would be of great Utility, established one, in 1742, with the Consent of the Trustees, at Dr WILLIAMS'S LIBRARY, in Red-Cross-Street, near Cripplegate, London. This Register has been continued from that Time, and Certificates may be had of the Librarian, who also keeps the Register, any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, [in manuscript: 'between the hours of Ten and Three'] except in the Month of August, and the Whitsun and Chistmas Weeks, when the Library is shut up.' Beneath this is a section headed 'FORM OF THE CERTIFICATE.' Many more details regarding registration follow, and the page is signed in type at the end by 'JOHN WEBSTER, | SECRETARY.'