[ Dr. Williams's Library, London. ] Two birth certificates: first (1798), signed by J. L. Towers, Registrar, for daughter of Thomas Cooper of Hoxton; second (1816), signed by Thomas Morgan, Registrar, for son of Benjamin Seaton of Chatham.

Dr. Williams's Library, London (Thomas Morgan and J. L. Towers, Registrars) [ Thomas Cooper of Homerton; Rev. Israel Lewis; Benjamin Seaton of Chatham; Jacob George Bryant; Dissenters; Unitarians ]
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Dr. Williams's Library, Redcross-street, near Cripplegate, London. The second (1816): 'Printed by S. Couchman, Throgmorton-street, London.'

The two documents are printed forms, completed in manuscript. Both are tipped-in onto a leaf removed from an album. Both in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: 'C No 1429'. Dated 12 October 1798 and signed by 'J L Towers', 'Register.' Recording the birth of Sarah Cooper, daughter of Thomas Cooper and Jane Cooper (daughter of the Rev. Israel Lewis', born in Homerton, in the Parish of Saint John Hackney, on 17 June 1783. Witnessed by 'E. S. Cooper' and 'Sarah Mackaness'. TWO: 'E No 3478'. Dated 30 January 1816.

[ Dr. Williams's Library, London. ] Printed Circular concerning the 'general Register of Births of Dissenters' Children', comprising a letter from John Webster, Secretary, and two notices.

Committee of Deputies, appointed to protect the Civil Rights of the Three Denominations of Protestant Dissenters (John Webster, Secretary) [ Dr. Williams's Library, London; Dissenters; Unitarians]
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Webster's letter from Queen-street, Cheapside, London, 11 December 1808 [ amended in manuscript from 13 June 1806 ]. Printed by C. and W. Galabin, Ingram Court, London.

2pp., folio. On a bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper repaired with archival tape. The printer's slug is at the foot of both pages of text. At the head of the recto of the first leaf is Webster's printed letter, reading: 'Reverend Sir, | I am directed by the Committee of Deputies to send you the enclosed Notices.

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