[ Macclesfield District Wesleyan Methodists. ] Autograph Letter by John Meek, signed by him and Samuel Wood as 'Circuit Stewards', asking Rev. Samuel Walker of Nottingham to work on the circuit after the next conference. With autograph copy of reply.

John Meek and Samuel Wood, Wesleyan Methodists of Macclesfield, Cheshire[ Rev. Samuel Walker of Nottingham ]
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Letter from Macclesfield [ Cheshire ], December 1851. Reply [ from Nottingham ], 20 December 1851.
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4to bifolium, with the letter of Meek and Wood on the recto of the first leaf, and the autograph copy of Walker's reply on the recto of the second. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed, with postmark, on reverse of second leaf, to 'The Rev Saml Walker | Wesleyan Clergyman | Nottingham'. The letter begins: 'Dear Sir, | At a Meeting of the Circuit and Society Stewards & principal friends in the Circuit, there was a most cordial and unanimous desire expressed, that you should be requested to favour this Circuit with your Ministerial labours, after the next Conference.' Walker is informed that he will find 'an extensive field for usefulness', and that 'We have peace within our borders'. In his reply Walker explains that her feels 'a delicacy & difficulty in framing a reply to express my decision & convey a correct impression to you'. He feels 'an embarrassment arising out of respect for the law on the subject of invitation & a desire to meet your request.' He has not engaged himself to any circuit, and what he know of their one 'is favourable'. In addition, 'the prospect of peace & usefulness' being 'a great inducement'. Therefore, 'shld the invitation of the March Q[uarterl]y M[ee]ting be cordial & unanimous', and should they still consider 'the acceptance of such an invitation favourable', he thinks it 'very likely to be the issue of the negotiation'.