[ Eugène Bersier, pastor and founder of the Evangelical Church of l'Etoile, Paris. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Eug Bersier.'), in French [ to the wife of Robert Holland of Stanmore Hall? ], about a trip to England to raise money for his new church.

Eugène Bersier (1831-1889), Swiss-born French Protestant pastor, founder of tthe Evangelical Church of l'Etoile, Paris
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On letterhead of 216 Boulevard Péreire, Paris.
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2pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. The recipient is addressed as 'Chère Madame' and is not otherwise identified, although the conclusion connects her with 'Monsieur Hollard', i.e. he maried Marie Hollard. He writes that he will be in London in six days, and that he will only have 'douze ou quinze jours à passer en Angleterre', and that he wishes to spend his time 'de la manière le plus profitable au succès de mon oeuvre. Il s'agit de collecter pour ma nouvelle église'. He states the amount he has already raised, and what is still needed, and asks whether a meeting could be held at Stanmore of persons interested in the religious state of France, who would be willing to listen to a talk by him. He presumes he can count upon the sympathy of 'M. Bernays', i.e. Rev. Leopold Bernays, Rector of Stanmore, 1860-1883. He feels that 'ces réunions plus intimes sont souvant plus utiles que des sermons', and asks for her advice. He concludes by stating that he has heard news of her from 'Dr '.?>