[ William Berkeley, 4th Baron Berkeley of Stratton. ] Autograph Signature ('Berkeley') on part of an Exchequer receipt, as 'Executr. of Ann Gendrault assignee of James Gendrault.

William Berkeley, 4th Baron Berkeley of Stratton (d.1741), Master of the Rolls in Ireland, 1696-1731, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1710-1714 [ Anne and James Gendrault, Huguenots ]
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Her Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. 20 December 1714.

On 15 x 12 cm. piece of paper, cut from a printed document completed in manuscript. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, laid down on square of plain paper. Payment of an annuity ('for carrying on the War, and other Her Majesty's Occasions').

[ Peter le Neve Foster, Secretary to the Society of Arts. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('P. le Neve Foster') to W. H. Teulon, expressing great distress at the news of the death of an old friend.

Peter le Neve Foster (1809-1879), Secretary to the Society of Arts [ William Hensman Teulon (1809-1899), London hop merchant ]
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On letterhead of the Society of Arts, Adelphi, London. 11 December 1876.

3pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He is 'shocked as well as surprised' at the sad news of the death of his 'old friend', who had told Foster's assistant the previous Tuesday that he had had 'a fainting fit which he understood came from any of the heart'. Foster is 'truly grieved at the loss', 'a more excellent worthy character it was not my lot to have met with and my experience has now run over many years. He was truly a friend and at my time of life there is little chance of my being able to fill the vacancy his death creates'.?>

Autograph Signature (d'Aubigné) on fragment of document.

[ D'AUBIGNE ]Théodore-Agrippa d'Aubigné (1552-1630), French poet, soldier and propagandist [d'Aubigne]
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Date and place not stated.

On piece of paper roughly half an inch by one and a half wide. Poor, and untidily laid down on slip of paper one inch by six wide. Tear across signature. Docketed in pencil 'author of book on Reformation'. Extraneous matter adhering to reverse.

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