[Queen Victoria; Sir James Graham, Home Secretary; Hanwell Lunatic Asylum.] The Queen's Autograph Signature ('Victoria R.'), with Graham's signature, to 'Warrant for the discharge of Dennis Crawley from the Lunatic Asylum for the County of Middlesex'

Queen Victoria (1819-1901); Sir James Graham (1792-1861), Home Secretary, 1841-1846 [Pauper Lunatic Asylum for the County of Middlesex, Hanwell]
Publication details: 
'Given at Our Court of St. James's the Seventeenth day of March 1842 in the Fifth Year of Our Reign.'

2pp, foolscap 8vo. On bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to reverse of second leaf. Good firm signature by the queen ('Victoria R') in the customary place at the head of the first page; and tight signature of the Home Secretary at the end of the document ('Jas G Graham.'). Both signatures over guiding pencil crosses. Seal under paper in left-hand margin of first page.

[ Sir Denis Dutry, Huguenot merchant and East India Company Director. ] Autograph Signature ('Denis Dutry') on Exchequer receipt, as assignee of Sir John Lethieuller.

Sir Denis Dutry [ Sir Dennis Dutry ], London Huguenot merchant, Director of the Honourable East India Company [ Sir John Lethieuller (1632/3-1719) ]
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[ His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. ] 22 November 1720.

1p., 8vo. On aged and worn paper. Laid out in the customary fashion, with printed text completed in manuscript. Records a payment of £56 on an annuity by 'Sr. Denis Dutry assigne per Margent of Sr. John Lethieuller', with a reference to Lethieuller's annuity in the margin. Witnessed at foot by 'John '. Lethieuller has an entry in the Oxford DNB.?>

[ The Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead, Victorian music hall. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Tom') from licensee and manager T. D. Clarke to theatre historian W. Macqueen-Pope, discussing productions for children.

T. D. Clarke [ Tom Clarke ], Licensee and Manager, The Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead [ the Wirral; Merseyside; music hall; W. Macqueen-Pope [ Walter James Macqueen-Pope ] (1888-1960), theatre historian ]
Publication details: 
On illustrated letterhead of the Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead. 28 July 1945.

The Clarke family ran the Argyle for fifty years from 1890 to 1940, during which period it was one of the best-known provincial theatres. It opened as the Argyle Music Hall in 1868, and between 1876 and 1890 was named the Prince Of Wales Theatre, being used mainly to stage plays. In 1890 the focus returned to music hall and variety and it was renamed the Argyle Theatre. Its archives are in the University of Sheffield. 2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, somehwhat grubby and creased at foot of leaf.

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