[Mrs Sarah Ellis (Sarah Stickney Ellis), Victorian author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sarah S. Ellis') to the female editor of a magazine, apologising for delay in article on 'Java Sparrows' and announcing 'a better story in the Child's department'.

Mrs Sarah Ellis [Sarah Stickney Ellis, born Sarah Stickney] (1799-1872), Quaker (later Congregationalist) author of numerous books, several on woman's place in society
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Rose Hill [Lord Street, Hoddesdon]. 4 April [no year].
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2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. The female recipient is unidentified, but would appear to be the editor of a magazine, enquiring after the progress of a 'paper' Ellis has agreed to write on 'Java Sparrows'. Ellis explains that she has 'begun a better story in the Child's department which it is consequently necessary to finish first', to appear 'in the number for June', but that 'your paper shall certainly come next'. The handwriting is not altogether straightforward, but Ellis appears to say here that 'stories will not always [write?] up when [necessary?]'. The letter ends: 'Notwithstanding the plea on which I hope to obtain your pardon for delay, I still feel that I ought to have written before if only to [?] for my not writing the paper so soon as you might expect.'