[John Mortimer, author and barrister, creator of 'Rumpole of the Bailey'.] Two Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Card Signed to the playwright Christopher Fry, suggesting meetings and commenting on his busy schedule

John Mortimer [Sir John Clifford Mortimer] (1923-2009), author, dramatist and barrister, creator of 'Rumpole of the Bailey' [Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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All three on letterheads of Turville Heath Cottage, Henley-on-Thames. Letters dated 11 November 1995 and 1 March 1997. Card undated.
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All three items in good condition, with both letters lightly-creased at the foot. ONE: TLS. Signed 'John Mortimer'. 11 November 1995. 1p, 8vo. He was delighted to receive Fry's letter and would 'like to visit a writing group with which you're connected. If I'm free on May 10th I'll come. I'm just waiting to hear about a trip to Florida – so do let the committee write to me. I'll know by then more clearly what I'm doing.' TWO: TLS. Signed 'John', with Mortimer deleting the typed word 'sincerely'. 1 March 1997. 1p, 8vo. He found it 'a delight' to hear Fry's 'lecture at the RSL'. He would 'love to come and see you, but March is very full up. Could we ring one another at the end of the month and talk about April?' He points out that Fry did meet his daughter, 'but she might be working in Bristol'. THREE: ACS. Signed 'John/'. Undated. Card with printed letterhead, otherwise blank, with Mortimer writing on both sides. 'I was afraid my [?] was inadequate and am delighted you thought it OK. Have been travelling around a lot lately, Canada, America twice, Rome and Brussels in the last 2 months – but wd love to see you. - Either in Chichester or ? here. Will ring and try and fix something. | Penny [his second wife] sends her love | ever. | John/'