[Lord Gambier, Admiral of the Fleet.] Manuscript designs of heraldic achievements (coats of arms), made by a signwriter for display at his funeral.

[Admiral Lord Gambier [James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier (1756-1833), Admiral of the Fleet, Royal Navy officer in American Revolutionary War and French Revolutionary Wars and Glorious First of June]
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'April 22nd.' [1832].
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An interesting and unusual survival, casting light on funerary practice in Georgian London. In black ink on 37 x 15 cm piece of watermarked laid paper, clearly cut from the working ledger of the signwriter responsible for the display at Gambier's funeral. Two excellent drawings, marked up with notes for colours, as a guide for the painting process. The first, 15 x 11 cm, with motto 'FIDE NON ARMIS', combines Gambiers arms with those of his wife's family; the second, 11 x 13 cm, is an unusual design, showing a sailor (with notes for 'waistcoat', 'buckle' and 'shoe'), holding a cross in his right hand and armorial shield in his left, side-by-side with an angel ('sandall') holding a shield in his right hand and anchor in his left. Text at head: 'April 22nd. [Gambier had died three days before] Yd ½ Achts [i.e. 'Achievements'] for the funeral of Admiral Lord Gambier. Lady Living.' Text at foot: 'James Baron Gambier of Iver in the county of Buckingham Admiral of the Red Squadron of His Majesty's fleet and Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Installed 1821. Arms granted 1807. Married Louisa 2nd Daughter of Daniel Mathew Esqr of Felix Hall Essex'. On the reverse are entries relating to: the lettering of an advertisement for 'PAGE TAYLOR & UNDERTAKER', 'FUNERALS FURNISHED', and another coat of arms, with text: 'April 27th. 2 Ell Achts. for the funeral of James Heygate Esqr of Southend Essex Widower'; with deleted entry: 'April 17th 183[2] | On 2 Hall Chairs'.