[Rev. Dr Robert Rainey of New College, Edinburgh, Presbyterian divine.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Robert Rainey') to 'Mr Willie', responding humourously to a request for an autograph, while exhorting him to be a good Christian.

Robert Rainy (1826-1906), Scottish Presbyterian divine after whom Rainy Hall in New College, Edinburgh (the Divinity faculty in Edinburgh University) is named
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On letterhead of 23 Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh. 12 October 1886.
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2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Given the contents of the letter, the recipient 'Mr Willie', whose father is a minister ('of the manse'), may well be 'Master Willie', i.e. a youth named William. He is 'much flattered' by the value Willie puts on his autograph, and he hopes that his collection 'will prosper, & become extensive & distinguished'. He remembers 'that Tom Hood replying to a similar application professed to be in doubt what style of signature was wanted. Among other kinds he said he had seen an autograph done very well in treacle on a deal table, but he finally concluded to send his in print'. Hood was 'a distinguished man', but 'an ordinary person' like Rainy 'does best to send his signature in the usual & ordinary way'. He asks Willie to send his kind regards to his father 'and all the inmates of the manse', and exhorts him to 'grow up by Gods grace to be a brave largehearted devoted Christian man'.