[Marinus Campbell, Dutch bibliographer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('M. F. A. G Campbell') in French [to Basil Montagu Pickering], describing the response of William Blades to his discovery in Ghent of 'un Caxton inconnu'.

Marinus Fredrik Andries Gerardus Campbell (1819-1890), Dutch bibliographer, [Basil Montagu Pickering (1835-1878) William Blades (1824-1890); William Caxton]
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'La Haye [The Hague, Holland] 18 Septembre 1875.'
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Campbell was Librarian of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, and Chief Director of the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum. 4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. Neatly and closely written. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient ('Cher Monsieur') is not named, but the context of the letter identifies him the London publisher and bookseller Basil Montagu Pickering, who in 1874 published 'Calcoen, A Dutch narrative of the Second Voyage of Vasco da Gama to Calicut, Printed at Antwerp circa 1504', edited by Jean Philibert Berjeau (1809-1891). The letter proper, in French, is about one and two-thirds of a page long; it is followed by a 'List of bibliographical publications issued in the Netherlands during the year 1875', in English, of about two and one-third pages long. Campbell finds the 'travaux bibliographiques' which have appeared in the Netherlands during the year 'ni nombreux ni bien interessants'. He has not yet seen Berjeau's book, but has asked his librarian to procure a copy. He proceeds to explain that he is providing a list of bibliographical works worthy of inclusion in Pickering's 'Bibliographical Annual'. He also intends to send him a proof of a piece he has had published in 'Le Bibliophile Belge', describing 'un Caxton inconnnu, pourtant unique, que j'ai découvert dans la bibliothèque universaire de Gand. Un Caxton inconnu, dissais-je, et à telles enseignes que Mr. W: Blades m'a écrit que ma lettre (dans laquelle je lui avais fait part de ma trouvaille) avait été une révélation pour lui. Voilà ce qui pourra interesser votre public'. Each entry in the 'List of bibliographical publications' is well annotated by Campbell, as for example the one to the first entry 'M. Nyhoff. Bibliographische adversaria, nos. 6, 7, 8, 9 of vol II': 'This periodical, in small 8vo, contains articles on bibliographical subjects and every number is filled up with lists of books for sale at Mr. Nyhoffs'.