[John Cowper Powys to his 'Jewish Book-Pedlar'.] Nine envelopes, all addressed in autograph by Powys to 'G. L. Lewin Esq' of 41 Great Russell Street, London, eight with Powys's signature and address on reverse.NO LETTERS PRESENT.

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), novelist and poet [George Lionel Lewin (1890-1970), 'Jewish Book-Pedlar' of Great Russell Street, London]
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Between 1945 and 1959. All from Merioneth, North Wales (the first four from Corwen and the last five from Blaenau Ffestiniog).
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Evocative artefacts of the interesting connection between Powys and the man who supplied him with the books for his translation of Rabelais. On 24 September 1940, in 'Letters to Sea-Eagle', Powys gives a lengthy account of 'Our Jew Book-Pedlar' and the bombing by the Germans of his Russell Street address. In another long passage a couple of weeks later (5 October 1940) the anti-semitism has dispelled, with Powys announcing that 'we both really do like Mr Lewin very very much he is so Light of Weight: his Personality has no Powerful Aura – you just scarce feel his Presence or hardly know he is there!' Writing to Louis Wilkinson around a year later, while praising Lewin's efforts in aiding his work on his Rabelais translation, Powys is even more enthusiastic, beginning: 'Jewish on Both Sides, born in Johannesburg, S. Africa, and by profession a Book Discoverer & Book Dealer, Blitzed out of his collection of books (he’s never had a shop). He is really & truly a most— LOVEABLE — (Think of my being so “lacking” as not to be able to fish up another better & more exactly descriptive word than that! I can’t bother to look it up —) — yes, a very likeable anyway sort of man I have ever known & Phyllis is just as pleased with him & as fond of him.' Nine envlopes, eight of which are 9.5 x 11.5 cm, with imprinted stamp; the other envelope (from 1957) is 9.5 x 14 cm, with postage stamp affixed. Eight of the envelopes are addressed to 'G. L. Lewin Esq | 41 Great Russell Street | London W.C.1.'; the ninth (from 1950) is to 'George L. Lewin Esq', it being one of two (the other from 1951) to have 'c/o' before the address. One letter (1958) has Powys's Blaenau Ffestiniog address on a printed label on the reverse; the other eight all have Powys's signature (six 'J C Powys' and two 'J. C. Powys'), with the first four (1950, 1951, and two from 1955) from Corwen; and the others from Blaenau Ffestiniog, with two of the latter group (and the label) including the line '1 Waterloo'. All are stamped with legible date. The nine items are in fair condition, aged, worn and creased; two have been torn open from the side, the others are neatly cut open at the top.