[Margaret Einert, dance teacher, choreographer and writer on dance.] Typed Letter Signed to 'Miss Coury' [Louise Coury], regarding her work and ideas for Coury's 'Club' [the Modern Girl Club?]. With copy of Coury's reply.

Margaret Einert, dance teacher, choreographer and writer on dance, joint principal with Adeline Threlfall of Margaret Einert Rhythmic Dance School, Liverpool [Louise Coury, founder of Modern Girl Club
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12 December 1936. On letterhead of the Margaret Einert Rhythmic Dance School, Crane Hall, Hanover Street, Liverpool.
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2pp, 4to. On two letterhead leaves with border in blue. The following endorsement printed at the foot of each leaf: 'ANNA PAVLOVA wrote after visiting the School: "It is with pleasure that I record the very good impression made on me both by the School and your method of training. I wish you the fullest success which I think your School deserves"'. Einert begins her letter: 'Miss Coury Dear: - | It is impossible to feel that I have really met you for the first time today, for I have spoken of you regularly for the last ten months, and given so many "messages from Auntie Margot" that I truly feel I have known you all this time! | This note is partly personal and partly "job" . . but in case the telephone address is that of your relations, I shall leave this at Blundellsands on my way over to Southport, for the other Kiddies Show, I am working today.' Beginning with the personal she writes: 'I adore this work and have felt we were working together all the time. Mr Webster asked me to meet you at the Savoy last June-July, but that very morning I was off to Switzerland', so it is only on the day of writing that 'the tremendous pleasure of working actually WITH you come along'. She feels that Coury has 'created that atmosphere of complete sympathy with the children which made the response natural, sincere and gentle. There wasnt a rough child among the 204!' She continues with reference to Coury's signing of 'all those pictures and books' ('you were a real dear'), and of her gift to Einert, before turning to 'work': 'we have the four "Colour Teams" with captains etc.; we have the first and second Club News, with your writings declaimed . . . we have all the under sevens as "Nero Members" who wear badges of the famous Nero, and enact his adventures . . and we dramatise every possible bit of your writings.' She continues with reference to a piece called 'The Three Witches', 'Club Keep-Fit Exercises, which are great fun when 124, (as at last meeting) do them together to a jolly tune, and the Nero Members have a definite series of Baloon [sic] Exercises which they do most beautifully with big coloured baloons'. She describes 'a Fun Club Meeting' and asks her to come to one. Coury appears to write children's stories for department stores in London, and Einert asks whether she might incorporate 'a fun club morning' in one of these: 'I am very often in Town, and would enjoy the chance. Before I came to Liverpool, I had a studio in Hampstead'. She has 'twenty one classes a week, for kiddies in different types of dancing and exercising, quite aside from Fun Club etc, so it seems as though my place were here at the present. Also I have crossed the Atlantic twenty two times and have many American games etc, which I have acquired while working in New York, and which are real "ice-breakers" for the kiddies until an atmosphere is created.' Also present is an unsigned carbon typescript of Coury's reply, 21 December 1936: 'It was quite obvious to me that you adored your work. You can have no idea of your influence over those children. The word magnetic is quite applicable [...] how original of you to make the children read the magazine at the Meetings! You are most certainly the living link between the magazine and the Club. [...] You would be a riot in London during the party season. [...] With regard to the Fairy Corner Club, I will mention you to the Managing Director of the White House, and suggest a party in the Spring. I should like to hold it at one of the leading hotels.'