[Mary Martin, Broadway star.] Two Typed Letters Signed (both 'Mary') to 'Popie', i.e. the English theatre historian MacQueen-Pope, discussing her family's plans and the projected production of 'South Pacific' at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Mary Martin [Mary Virginia Martin[ (1913-1990), American actress, singer, and Broadway star associated with Rodgers and Hammerstein [W. J. MacQueen-Pope; Larry Hagman]
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One 28 May [1950], the other undated, but from 1951. Both on her letterhead.
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Each letter 1p, 8vo. Both in fair condition, lightly aged and creased. On signing one of the letters she has slightly smudged it. ONE: 28 May [1950]. She thanks him for his 'fascinating-looking book, THE MELODIES LINGER ON', and for his 'most generous inscription'. She and her husband 'Richard' (the drama critic Richard Halliday) have 'read bits and pieces and have looked at every photograph, and can't wait to really sit down and read the book from cover to cover!' She continues: 'And that will be soon. I close here this coming Saturday, June 2nd - and Richard and I leave June 4th for six weeks - and we expect to do nothing but eat and sleep and rest and read.' She gives 'our present schedule', with reference to her sons Heller and Larry (i.e. Larry Hagman, star of the TV series 'Dallas'). They are all going on 'a trip through Ireland and Scotland', 'if the army doesn't get [Larry] first'. She ends with reference to an interview with 'two English women from the DAILY MAIL', and ends with her secretary's address. TWO: Undated [1951]. It is 'truly wonderful' to hear from him, and as requested she is 'sending under separate cover two programs from SOUTH PACIFIC', the difference between which she explains. She continues: 'Yes, I can't help but let myself get more and more excited each day about the possibility of being back at Drury Lane and seeing all of you again. If and when we open there, it certainly will be the culmination of a long plan. | Just imagine - when I left London I said that my idea of perfection would be to play one year in New York and one year in London and back and forth that way for the rest of my life. It seems unbelievable that if we do open in October or November, it will be five years since I've been there. Moreover, it will be only a few more weeks before I celebrate two years in SOUTH PACIFIC. | You can't blame me for being excited!' She ends by joining her best wishes to those of 'Richard and Heller'. Mary Martin did indeed bring 'South Pacific' to the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, where it ran for 802 performances with Wilbur Evans as co-star. Sean Connery was in the chorus.