[Oxford Militia; Col. William Gore-Langton, M.P. for Somerset.] Autograph Letter in the third person to army agents Messrs Cox and Greenwood, enquiring about arrangements for winter quarters for the Oxford Militia on their return from Ireland.

Colonel William Gore-Langton [William Gore until 1783] (1760-1847) of Newton Park,, for 45 years Whig Member of Parliament for, successively, Somerset, Tregony and Somerset East [Oxford Militia]
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9 December 1799; Newton Park, near Bath [Somerset].
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See his entry in the History of Parliament, which quotes a contemporary source describing him as ‘one of the oldest reformers in the House’, ‘in favour of the ballot and the immediate abolition of slavery’. 1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded four times. Begins: ‘Colonel Gore Langton presents his Compliments to Messrs: Cox and Greenwood, and as the Oxfordshire Regiment of Militia are expected to return from Ireland about Christmas, he is very desirous of being informed whether any arrangement has been made respecting their Winter Quarters’. He would ‘esteem it a favor’ if the recipients ‘would make enquiry on the subject at the Quarter Master Generals Office or War Offi ce and communicate the result to him with as little delay as possible’. The recto is headed in another hand in pencil: ‘Mr Hadley will be so good as to enquire’. Initialed on reverse and minuted with date 10 December 1799: ‘No arrangement has yet been made about Quarters.’