[Richard Ingrams, journalist, founder of ‘Private Eye’ and the ‘Oldie’.] Autograph Card Signed to ‘Mr Kinnane’ (manuscript dealer John A. Kinnane), regarding ‘the interesting Cobbett item’, an Elgar postcard, and his interest in G. K. Chesterton.

Richard Ingrams [Richard Reid Ingrams] (born 1937), journalist and author, co-founder and second editor of the satirical magazine Private Eye, and founder and editor of The Oldie [John A. Kinnane]
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24 February 1984; on his letterhead, Forge House, Aldworth, near Reading.
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On both sides of a 14.5 x 10.5 cm plain postcard. In good condition, with large firm signature ‘Richard Ingrams’. He thanks him for ‘the interesting Cobbett item’ and would like ‘your Elgar postcard’ if available. Ends: ‘Enclose cheque. Cobbett always welcome. Also G. K. Chesterton.’ Ingram had published an anthology of Cobbett in 1974, and would publish a biography of him in 2005, and a book on Chesterton in 2021.