[‘Victoria Holt’, pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert [née Burford], prolific author of historical romances (also ‘Jean Plaidy’ and ‘Philippa Carr’).] Typed Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, sending a book plate and discussing Devon and Cornwall.

'Victoria Holt’, pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert [née Burford] (1906-1993), prolific author of historical romances (also 'Jean Plaidy' and 'Philippa Carr') [Eileen Margaret Cond (1911-1984)]
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8 June 1961; 'c/o Messrs. David Higham Associates Ltd. / 76 Dean Street, / Soho, / London, W. 1.'
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See her entry in the Oxford DNB. She published around two hundred books under seven pseudonyms, and these are said to have sold a hundred million copies and been translated into twenty languages. The recipient Eileen Cond was an enthusiastic collector of autographs, and had the ability to draw a more than perfunctory response from her targets. 1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded for postage. Good bold signature: ‘Victoria Holt.’ Addressed to ‘Miss Cond, / Stream Cottage, / Sidbury, / Sidmouth, Devon.’ She has signed Cond’s bookplate and is sending it back. ‘I am so glad that you have enjoyed my book. I don’t actually come from Devon and Cornwall but I have lived for some years in Cornwall - near the border, so I know these two beautiful counties very well.’