[Badly beaten on the Senate floor: Charles Sumner, abolitionist, United States Senator for Massachusetts.]

Charles Sumner (1811-1874), American abolitionist, United States Senator for Massachusetts, badly beaten on the Senate floor in 1856 by fellow-senator Preston Brooks
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Dated by another on reverse: ‘M.S.S. 22d. Apl 1853 / Massachusetts’.
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On 13 x 7.5 piece of paper, cut down from the label of a packet containing a manuscript (see the annotation on the reverse). On discoloured paper, with glue staining from mount on reverse. Sumner's signature 'C. Sumner' is at top left, with the top of the S slightly cropped. The address, by Sumner, reads 'W. S. Law Magazine / New York / N. Y.' Annotated in pencil on reverse: 'Charles Sumner / M.S.S. 22d Apl 1853 / Massachusetts / Lawyer'. See Image