[St John Ervine [pseudonym of John Greer Irvine], Ulster playwright and novelist.] Typed Letter Signed to Miss Esther Boyer, declining to respond to a 'cub reporter'.

St John Ervine [pseudonym of John Greer Irvine (1883-1971)], Ulster playwright and novelist
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21 December 1938. On letterhead of Honey Ditches, Seaton, Devon.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 12mo. On worn and aged paper, with L-shaped closed tear at left-hand edge. Folded for postage. Addressed to her at Bebington in the Wirral. Loose, smudged signature ‘St John Ervine’. He thanks her for her ‘letter and its enclosure, which I return. If I were to rebuke every cub reporter who wrote so stupidly as the young man to whom you refer, I should fill The Observer with my reproofs, apart altogether from the fact, that I should be giving the young man an exaggerated sense of his importance. You had better tackle him in his own paper, but why bother about him at all? Life will teach these uppish lads what they now so obviously do not know.’