Engraving by Bolton from an illustration by Prior, of 'the Booksellers' Provident Retreat at Abbots Langley, Herts'.

The Booksellers' Provident Institution [Thomas Bolton, wood engraver; William Henry Prior (c.1812-82), illustrator]
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Landscape. Dimensions of paper roughly nine inches by thirteen and a half. Trimmed. Clear image on aged and foxed paper. Captioned 'This ENGRAVING of the BOOKSELLERS' PROVIDENT RETREAT at Abbots Langley, Herts, erected upon ground presented by JOHN DICKINSON, ESQ. is respectfully dedicated to the Patrons, Directors, and other Members of the Booksellers' Provident Institution, by their most obedient Servant, THOMAS BOLTON.' Splendid illustration of a gothic edifice set in grounds with sheep, horses, farmers, a coach, gentlemen, and a locomotive crossing a railway bridge with tracks across the front of the retreat. The item is headed 'THE BOOKSELLERS' ALMANACK FOR 1848', but as COPAC has no record whatsoever for any such work the origin and purpose of this item are unclear. The Booksellers' Provident Institution is now the Book Trade Benevolent Society, and the Retreat still stands, renamed Dickinson House.