[Rev. Dr George Croly.] Autograph drafts of three passages from an anonymous article in Blackwood's Magazine entitled 'Russia', dealing with Napoleon Bonaparte's coronation as Emperor of the French. and his entry into and retreat from Moscow.

Rev. Dr George Croly (1780-1860), Anglo-Irish clergyman and writer, editor of the Tory weekly The Constitution [Blackwood's Magazine, Edinburgh and London; Napoleon Bonaparte; Napoleonic Wars]
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Without date or place. [Published in Blackwood's Magazine (Edinburgh and London, April 1826).]

3pp., 8vo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Unsigned, but certainly in Croly's hand. The first page is headed: '- for tho' the Old Law was established in the promises of temporal prosperity, yet the gospel is founded in temporal adversity'. The three extracts, fiercely critical of the French emperor, follow over a total of 61 lines, with a few minor emendations.

Typed Letter Signed ('A J Sylvester') from Lloyd George's private secretary A. J. Sylvester [Albert James Sylvester] to Sir Charles Starmer, regarding 'Mr. Lloyd George's visit to Cober Hill Guest House'. With copy of Starmer's typed letter.

A. J. Sylvester [Albert James Sylvester] (1889-1989), Secretary to three Prime Ministers, David Lloyd George, Andrew Bonar Law and Stanley Baldwin [Sir Charles Starmer; Cober Hill, Scarborough]
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Thames House, Millbank, SW1. On House of Commons letterhead. 12 May 1933. Copy of Starmer's reply dated the same day.

Both Sylvester's letter and the copy of the letter by Starmer to which it is replying are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, each with punch holes to one margin. Starmer, who at the time of writiing was proprietor of a large group of newspapers, had begun his career on the 'Northern Echo'; he had for many years been a Liberal member of parliament, standing down in 1931 due to ill health. Cober Hill Guest House was at that time an early experiment in what would become the children's home or retreat. For clarity's sake this description begins with the copy of Starmer's letter: 1p., 4to.

Autograph Manuscripts of two translations by John Curling: Count Rostopchine's 'The Truth upon The Great Conflagration of Moscow 1813' and 'Observation on the Campaign in the Netherlands', with printed version of latter, and another printed pamphlet

John Curling ['J*** C******'] (1784-1863), JP, of Offley Holes and Gosmore, Herts [Count Fedor Wassiljavitch Rostopchine, Governor of Moscow; Napoleon Bonaparte; Retreat from Moscow, 1812]
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Manuscript translation from Rostopchine dated 'Hitchin 1856', second manuscript translation undated. First pamphlet printed in Hitchin by C. Paternoster, Sun Street; 1858. Second pamphlet (by 'J*** C******') by C. & T. L. Paternoster; undated.

The two translations, in the same original red leather notebook, totalling 226pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, in worn binding. The first translation in the volume is a fair copy, without corrections, of a work published in French in 1823 as 'La Vérité sur l'Incendie de Moscou; par le Comte Rostopchine' (Paris: Ponthieu). Neither Curling's nor any other English translation appears to have been published. The second translation (the printed version of which is the first of the two pamphlets) is heavily corrected, with seven pages of additions loosely inserted.

Engraving by Bolton from an illustration by Prior, of 'the Booksellers' Provident Retreat at Abbots Langley, Herts'.

The Booksellers' Provident Institution [Thomas Bolton, wood engraver; William Henry Prior (c.1812-82), illustrator]
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Landscape. Dimensions of paper roughly nine inches by thirteen and a half. Trimmed. Clear image on aged and foxed paper. Captioned 'This ENGRAVING of the BOOKSELLERS' PROVIDENT RETREAT at Abbots Langley, Herts, erected upon ground presented by JOHN DICKINSON, ESQ.

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