[James Stephen; book] The Dangers of the Country by the Author of War in Disguise

Anon. [James Stephen (1758 – 1832), principal English lawyer associated with the movement for the abolition of slavery, grandfather of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen and Sir Leslie Stephen.]
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London: Printed for J. Butterworth, Fleet Street; and J. Hatchard, Piccadilly, 1807.

pp.iv.227, 8vo., grubby pages, first few stained, last page damaged but complete, text clear and complete, rebound (modern) grey boards, fresh endpapers. He elaborates on his sense of the threat of a Napoleonic Invasion, but there's also a section on the evils of the slave trade and insights into the events leading to the 1812 War. See text in Google Books.

Autograph Manuscripts of two translations by John Curling: Count Rostopchine's 'The Truth upon The Great Conflagration of Moscow 1813' and 'Observation on the Campaign in the Netherlands', with printed version of latter.

John Curling ['J*** C******'] (1784-1863), JP, of Offley Holes and Gosmore, Herts [Count Fedor Wassiljavitch Rostopchine, Governor of Moscow; Napoleon Bonaparte; Retreat from Moscow, 1812]
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Manuscript translation from Rostopchine dated 'Hitchin 1856', second manuscript translation undated. First pamphlet printed in Hitchin by C. Paternoster, Sun Street; 1858. Second pamphlet (by 'J*** C******') by C. & T. L. Paternoster; undated.

The two translations, in the same original red leather notebook, totalling 226pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper, in worn binding. The first translation in the volume is a fair copy, without corrections, of a work published in French in 1823 as 'La V?rit? sur l'Incendie de Moscou; par le Comte Rostopchine' (Paris: Ponthieu). Neither Curling's nor any other English translation appears to have been published. The second translation (the printed version of which is the first of the two pamphlets) is heavily corrected, with seven pages of additions loosely inserted.

[Correspondence between United States Treasury and bankers, 1811.] Printed booklet, with fold-out table, of correspondence of Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury, regarding 'several banks in which the public monies are now deposited'.

Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury [United States Treasury Department]
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Without date or place (the letters in the text dated from 1811; with covering letter from 1812. [Blindstamped by the Manchester Free Library, 1851.]

30pp., 12mo, paginated 3-32 on wove paper. With additional fold-out table on laid paper, headed 'Statement of the several Banks in which the public money is deposited, shewing the greatest amount in each Bank at any one period since the 4th March, 1811, and also the amount deposited in each Bank on the 30th September, 1811.' Lacking the title-leaf. Disbound. Worn, lightly damp-stained and loose. With 1851 blind-stamps of the Manchester Free Library. The volume consists of correspondence by Albert Gallatin, Secretary to the Treasury, with letters to him from representatives of banks.

[ Royal Navy and Post Office Packets. ] Two printed forms, proofs completed in manuscript, one with diagrams, the other 'Private Signals for His Majesty's Brigs, Cutters, Luggers, &c. employed in Cruizing on the Coasts of the United Kingdom [...]'.

[ Royal Navy and Post Office Packets, signals of 1812 ]
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[ Royal Navy. ] Dating from May 1812, with later notes referring to cancellation in March 1818.

Four items, in fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with slight creasing. ONE: Printed form, partially completed in manuscript. On one side of 31.5 x 19.5 cm piece of laid paper with Britannia watermark. Headed: 'PRIVATE SIGNALS for His Majesty's Brigs, Cutters, Luggers, &c. employed in Cruizing on the Coasts of the United Kingdom, Commanded by Lieutenants, viz.' Above the heading, in manuscript: 'Proof | See letter 1st. October 1812.

[Printed notice (with 'Address') of the formation of 'The Bible Association of St Peter's Church, in Ipswich'.] At a Meeting of Several Friends to the British and Foreign Bible Society, Held at St. Peter's Parsonage, Ipswich, October 5th, 1812.

[The Bible Association of St. Peter's Church, in Ipswich; Suffolk Auxiliary Bible Society; The British and Foreign Bible Society, London; Rev. Edward Griffin]
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Printed by John King, County Press, Ipswich. 1812.

3pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on worn and lightly-aged paper. The first page is headed: 'At a Meeting of Several Friends | to the | British and Foreign Bible Society, | Held at St. Peter's Parsonage, Ipswich, | October 5th, 1812, | The Rev. Edward Griffin, in the Chair, | It was resolved, | [...]'. Eight resolutions in small print follow, covering the whole of the first page.

[Sir Harry Calvert, Adjutant General of the Forces.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Henry Calvert') to 'Mr. Ridge', regarding the conveyance of the 'Clothing for M: General Wattevelle's [sic] Regiment' following the Siege of Cadiz.

Sir Harry Calvert [Henry Calvert] (1763-1826), Adjutant General of the Forces [Major Generral Louis de Watteville (1776-1836); Watteville's Regiment; The Siege of Cadiz, and War of 1812]
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Horse Guards [London]. 17 October 1812.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on aged paper, with slight wear to one edge. Regarding their previous correspondence, Calvert has 'directions to request' Ridge to inform him, 'if you are aware of any Steps having been taken, for conveying back the Clothing for M: General Wattevelle's [sic] Regiment, from Sicily to Cadiz - where that Corps is now stationed'. From Cadiz the Watteville's Regiment would be transferred to Upper Canada, where it would take part in the War of 1812.

Autograph Signature ('J. C. Sherbrooke.') of Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, 'Commander of the Forces', Governor of Nova Scotia and Governor General of British North America.

Sir John Coape Sherbrooke (1764-1830), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and Commander of the Forces, Governor General of British North America
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Without place or date.

On piece of 6 x 8.5 cm. laid paper, cut from a document, with discoloration and traces of glue from previous mounting. Sherbrooke's signature is large and firm, with the words 'Commander of the Forces' in another, contemporary hand, beneath it. A scarce signature.

Printed petition 'To the Right Honourable the Lords of His Majesty's Privy Council for Trade and Plantations', calling for the repeal of all duties on goods arriving in the Port of London, and for an extension of 'the Warehousing System'.[

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Cooke, Printer, Dunstan's Hill,'; dated '76, Cornhill, | 9 March 1814.'

2 pages, 4to, on the rectos of both leaves of a bifoliate. Folded for self-mailing, and addressed on the verso of the second leaf to 'Mr: F Huth | 1 South Street | Finsbury Square'. This page, which has 'URGENT; - | On Warehousing System' printed on it, also carries two oval postmarks, one of which, in black ink, reads 'TwoPyPost. | Unpaid | Lombard St'. Docketed '1814 | M. L. P. Merac | London 9 March'.

Autograph Letter Signed (Part of ), correspondent unknown.

Sir William Grant
Publication details: 
No date (watermark, 1813)

Canadian lawyer and English Master of the Rolls (1752-1832). Part of ALS signed, referring to "Sir Alexr Cochrane's propositions as to prizes that may be taken in conjunct expeditions on the coast of America" on which he does not feel able to give directions.

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